Outrage as Children’s Wisconsin hospital hires trans activists as ‘spiritual care interns’

Wisconsin’s children’s hospital is under fire for hiring transgender people to be chaplains or spiritual care interns.

According to a recent report, Children’s Wisconsin hospital employees were recently informed that a controversial new chaplain had been appointed. 

Staff were given Fliers that said: According to the report,’meet Your Newchaplain: Kate Newendorp’. 

Newendorp, who describes herself as a ‘Chaplain desiring shake things up’ in her own words, is a Newendorp. Twitter bioAccording to her, she is daydreaming about a time when God isn’t mentioned with male pronouns. 

The hospital now faces backlash  

We have seen Children’s lack of respect for deeply held religious beliefs. This feels like a big step,’ a former Children’s Wisconsin employee said. Federalist

Children’s Wisconsin Hospital has caused a stir by hiring transgender activists as chaplains, and’spiritual Care interns’ at the hospital. 

Kate Newendorp (Right) Goes By 'She/Her' Pronouns While Her Fiancé Jensen Goes By 'They/He' Pronouns

Kate Newendorp (right) goes by ‘she/her’ pronouns while her fiancé Jensen goes by ‘they/he’ pronouns

According to the outlet, the person said that it felt like activists were being actively recruited into the field in order to advance their progressive agenda. 

‘I think this situation really calls into question who do we want guiding the spiritual development of our children — especially children who are stuck in a hospital, isolated, sometimes alone, and extremely vulnerable and easily impressionable,’ the former employee said of the new hires. 

The flier sent around states that Newendorp uses female pronouns while her fiancé, Jensen, goes by both non-binary and male pronouns. 

It’s a dream to work in a pediatric hospital! In the flier, Newendorp states that working in a pediatric hospital is a dream come true. Federalist

“I am thrilled to be working with everyone and I am excited to be part of this team. Newendorp described himself as “your friendly neighbor next door,”

Newendorp’s social media posts indicate that the woman advocated for LGBTQ+ clergy members. 

‘Love Jesus. Be gay. According to Newendorp, “Get ordained,” Newendorp posted on Facebook earlier this month. 

Since then, all social media channels of Newendorp have been made private.

This Is The Flier Sent To Employees, Alerting Them To Kate Newendorp'S Hire At The Hospital

This is the flyer that was sent to employees to alert them to Kate Newendorp’s hiring at the hospital

“What better way to celebrate Pride then being ordained?” My church and classis are to be commended for supporting queer people being in ministry, and for allowing me the freedom to follow God’s call. 

She also spoke freely about her disdain for aspects of her profession after she got engaged to her fiancé, who is transgender.  

‘Also your casual reminder that my validity as an ordained minister is currently under review by my denomination because of the love I feel for my fiancé,’ she wrote in October.   

Do better Church because I’m going nowhere. “I was called,” the chaplain stated. 

'Love Jesus. Be Gay. Get Ordained,' Newendorp (Second From The Left) Wrote In A Facebook Post, According To The Federalist

‘Love Jesus. Be gay. According to the Federalist, Newendorp (second from left) posted a Facebook message titled “Get ordained.”

The woman, according to the news outlet,  also has used her various social media accounts to advocate for COVID vaccinations, abortion, masking, and voting for politicians in the Democratic party. 

She reportedly stated in one post that abortion was a’religious freedom’ 

Newendorp stated that abortions are needed by all genders.

“Abortion is healthcare. As an ordained minister, my support for a person’s decision to make the best decisions for their health and life is what I believe in. I am a pastor pro-choice.

In One Post, Newendorp Also Reportedly Wrote That She Believes Abortion Is A 'Religious Freedom'

Newendorp reportedly stated in one post that she believes abortion is a “religious freedom”. 

Also, a flyer was sent out announcing Meg Trimm’s hiring as a Spiritual Care Intern. She uses the pronouns ‘they/them. 

Federalist reported that Trimm had previously worked as a community educator, and a ‘LGBTQ+ Teen Safe Space Facilitator’. 

Trimm reportedly also believes that ‘a professional chaplain’s job is not to convert anyone or preach religion, but to empower each person to find and use the hope and resilience systems they already have,’ according to the publication. 

In a TikTok Trimm stated in October that he believes being transgender is an integral part of God’s saving work. 

They captioned the video, “I am becoming more convinced that being TRANSGENDER IS not strange or broken for God, but perhaps an integral part of God’s saving work,”  

“If God is beyond gender, then God might be pangender//agender. This would suggest that God may be non-binary. Then God BECOME a man. 

In another VideoTrimm described herself as a ‘nonbinary, gender fluid and pangender trans person.  

They have also posted videos on their TikTok page about their faith journey and being part of the LGBTQ+ community.  

According To The Hospital'S Website , The Gender Clinic Has Pediatric Endocrinologists, Plastic Surgeons, Health Psychologists, And Spiritual Support To Patients

According to the website, the hospital has a gender clinic that offers support to patients in the form of a pediatric endocrinologist, plastic surgeon, health psychologist, and spiritual counsel.

Children’s Wisconsin hospital offers a Gender Health Clinic, which is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of children and adolescents.

According to the hospital WebsiteThe clinic provides spiritual support to patients and has pediatric endocrinologists as well as plastic surgeons and health psychologists. 

“The Gender Health Clinic” is a multidisciplinary clinic that provides assistance to children and teens with transition and gender identity issues. It also serves patients as young as 16 years. 

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