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Our impressions of the Crash Team Rumble beta


It’s always been a game series Crash has a special place in our memories of all the parts we spent with it Wonderful memories with its various stages and adventures. So what if this series turns into a competitive and combative sequel? The gaming company is preparing Activision To launch a new title in the series, titled Crash Team Rumble On June 20 of this year, which will focus on group competitions via the Internet, 4 against 4 players, so that each of the players of the two teams seeks to collect fruits wumpa to achieve victory.

We had a chance to try it Crash Team Rumble In the beta version, through which we got a preliminary look at the gameplay, the experience of some characters, and the enjoyment of some maps that will be present in the final version. The beta version provided us with one game mode, which will be the main one in the game. It is a competitive mode for eight players and each team is made up of four people. Each team must try to collect as many fruits as possible wumpa And put them in the basket (circle) of the team as fast as possible, and who reaches 2000 fruits wumpa will win. But do you think it’s that easy? of course not. Everyone has to fight and try to hinder the opposing team from collecting fruits and using combat tools that are located in the arena areas.

The gameplay is very simple and not complicated. At the beginning of the game, we were allowed to enter directly into the training phase, which helped me wonderfully to become familiar with all the playing methods and how to use the tools that will help my team to win. As we know in the parts of Crash, there are three moves that you can perform for all characters. Double jump, slide, and spin. Additionally, there are some special abilities for each character such as the mid-air lunge or double slide to affect opponents. It does not take time to learn the movements, especially for those who already know how to control the Crash game.

You can choose from Crash World characters and customize them with a distinctive appearance in terms of clothes, shapes, and more. Each character has certain abilities and characteristics. I could In the beta version, I have to try five characters, two characters who specialize in collecting fruits and carrying the largest amount of them compared to other characters, and there are two characters called “boosters” who are characterized by the ability to move quickly and help the team seize areas that double the percentage of points gained. Finally, the “guardian” character has the advantage of protecting and hindering the opposing team from collecting fruit thanks to his physical abilities. In addition, there are “powers” that you can choose from before the start of each match and are useful in helping your team. To activate these powers, you’ll have to charge their energy by collecting fruits or fighting enemies. In the beta, it provides us with four powers, including a power called “Medicine Fridge”, which increases the health of the team when approaching it. There is also an ability that allows you to place a hostile plant that releases poisons at enemies when someone passes by it, and this plant has benefited me a lot, as I sometimes place it near the center of the enemy to prevent them from collecting fruit.

Speaking of abilities, one of the nice things that increased the fun of the game is that if you can kill the opponents, this will make them lose all the fruits they have collected! This is what prompted me sometimes to go kill competitors and make me keep catching up with them until I completely eliminate them to lose part of the fruits that their characters have collected. This strategy helped me and my team win matches. There are also combat tools on the scene that help in fighting and are located in places called antiquities stations, which can be activated by collecting five artifacts distributed in the map, and then powers such as a ball surrounding the character are activated to multiply attacks and collide with opponents or a flying saucer that attacks enemies and many others according to each region Maps and available stations.

The graphics in the game are not much different from what we saw in the last parts Crash In terms of the details of the environments and characters. it is as I saw it; Good and fit like a chain Crash. Contains The beta version only has three maps. Each map has its own character which we have seen some of these maps in series Crash Previous like a map Just Beachy Which comes with tropical floors, palm trees and waterfalls, which are reminiscent of the first stage of the stages and details Crash Bandicoot. In addition to other maps such as Calamity Canyon And Tiki Towers.

Game Crash Team Rumble It is officially coming on June 20th and will support menus and texts in Arabic, in addition to dubbing the voices of the commentators, and this is a very wonderful thing. In fact, the translation in the beta version, as I watched it, was fairly good, as well as the voices of the commentators and their speaking in Arabic was beautiful and enthusiastic while playing.

Finally, I can say after spending hours playing the beta version of the game Crash Team Rumble It will be beautiful and fun. I really think the game will appeal to fans of the series CrashBut with a different and unique experience. But what is wrong with the game, from my point of view, is that it only provides a single competitive phase, which I think will create a kind of alienation for players after spending several hours in it. I think it would be a promising and successful game if it had different types of competitive modes and other ideas so that players would not get bored.

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