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Our impressions of the Beyond Park beta


that ParkBeyond It is a simulation game developed by Limbic Games and post Bandai Namco. It offers an entertaining building craft experience by managing an amusement park or what is known by the traditional name “amusements” and creating various games that connect reality and imagination. The game combines two systems, namely the establishment of an entertainment city with its games and stores with very deep details, in addition to comprehensive management such as marketing and employment management, and other endless details that have a great impact on leading the park to profits and fame.

We had the opportunity to try the game in its closed beta version, which provided us with two game phases, namely the story phase and the open world. You can play the story mode, which comes with a beautiful plot, at first you appear to be a person who is obsessed with designing dangerous games, and then you are discovered by one of the characters who has a relationship and knowledge of one of the owners of the theme parks, and here the story begins. Then you will be taught how to design the “Death Train” game and modify it in a way that suits you to reach the amusement park to meet the owners who are waiting for you to hire you and try to revive the place and give you full powers to manage the amusement park to reach the goals.

He presents The story developed dialogues between you and the owners, giving you the choice to respond between three options. The beautiful thing is that there are choices that I could not choose because they are not available in the trial version, and this indicates that the answers you choose during the dialogues will affect the story. The story mode, in short, seeks to revive some of the amusement parks that the owners of the place own by achieving the goals they set for you, and you are free to do it in the way that suits you best. As for the open world stage, it offers you complete freedom in choosing the location and budget, do you want it limited or open? Do you want to have challenges or goals? And other such things. The beauty of this phase is that you can choose and build an unlimited city with an open budget or set limits for some options that may make it a challenge to build and bring visitors.

The game is characterized by very deep details, but what distinguishes it in my opinion is that it combines ease of control with deep details. You can create many games such as a roller coaster game, a ferris wheel, and others. Each of these games has its own details, the category of people it targets, whether it will be suitable for visitors or not, whether its maintenance costs are high or low, and other details. In addition, there are kiosks for sale, such as restaurants, cafes, and pastry shops, each of which targets a specific category of visitors, and in turn, you must know who the majority of your visitors are and what they want.

There are three categories for visitors: teens, adults and families. Your design and choices will determine who you will attract. You can monitor visitors through a heat map through which you can see and know the impression of visitors in three colors such as red, which means that he is frustrated and dissatisfied, orange means that he is between that and that, and green means that he is happy. You can click on the red visitors to find out your weak side and why they are not completely satisfied! Is it because they are not having fun in the games? Or because there are no restaurants and cafes that interest them? Or is the hygiene rate weak and requires an increase in the number of cleaners, toilets and rubbish in order to increase the satisfaction rate? Minor things and details that made me enjoy the experience.

On the graphics side, I don’t see it enjoying the details we’ve come to in the last generation. The details of the designs and games from the upper camera are fairly good, but when you get closer and see the details of the games, characters, and stores, you will notice that they are very weak and do not keep pace with the current generation. I think it would be better if it had great graphics, especially since the game gives you the option to switch the camera to the perspective of a visitor in the city to see what he sees and how he plays these dangerous games, but with that perspective I saw details as if I were seeing a game that came from the previous generation.

Game ParkBeyond Coming officially on June 16th on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S At $50. The beautiful thing is that the game supports the Arabic language with all its menus and texts, and this will be a wonderful thing for fans of this type of game, because you will not suffer from understanding the deep details in the game.

In the end I can say that the game Park beyond It has beautiful and deep details that will appeal to fans of this type of game. The control method is not complicated, and all the menus are clear and have classifications and details that allow you to control and achieve profits in the way you see fit. The graphics are not expected, especially since they will be released on current generation devices only. The game suffers from some errors, but this is expected because the version we tried is a trial version, not a final version. I think if they avoid these mistakes and improve the graphics, the final experience will be wonderful and enjoyable for players and fans of simulation games.

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