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Our Favorite Digital Notebooks and Smart Pens

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Our Favorite Digital Notebooks and Smart Pens

You take many notes? Whether you are in school or working at a job that requires writing down a lot of ideas, you can choose to write notes on a laptop, but Physically writing something down helps you remember. and learn more. Putting a real pen to paper feels good too. However, having a digital backup is convenient for organizing and studying on the go.

There are E Ink tablets, smart pens, and notebooks designed to store digital files of your handwritten notes or drawings. You can save files as PDFs, images, and Word documents, or transcribe them to a text file in Google Docs so all your notes are searchable. Some of these devices can also record, which is ideal for conferences and interviews. If your notes need an update, we recommend giving them a try. Be sure to check out our Best Dorm Essentials guide, as well as our Best Tablets, Best Laptop Backpacks, and Best Totes guides.

Updated April 2024: We added Boox Note Air3 C and Supernote Nomad as new options. We also added notes on Kobo’s newest e-reader with writing capabilities, the Kobo Libra Color.

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