Oppo’s leaked tracking tag has UWB and USB-C charging


It looks like Oppo will be the next company to throw its hat in the Bluetooth tracking tag game, with a leak of the company’s new Smart Tag appear on XDA (via Weibo leaker Digital Chat Station).

Oppo’s tracker seems to differentiate itself from other important tracking tags in at least one important way by offering a USB-C port for charging the tags, rather than requiring replaceable coin-cell batteries (or worse, non-removable batteries, as with some Tile trackers). That should make the new Oppo tags slightly more environmentally friendly, although it is unclear what the impact will be on battery life compared to a more traditional battery system.

And while the details of the Oppo Smart Tag are minor, the leak confirms that the tracker supports ultra-wideband radio for more accurate tracking, similar to Apple’s recently unveiled AirTag tracker and Samsung’s SmartTag Plus (released earlier in April).

A Bluetooth tracker is, of course, only as good as the network of devices that can support it. Tile, the longtime leader in tracking tag space, has spent nearly a decade building its network of tags, and Apple’s Find My network can use the hundreds of millions of iPhones and iPads in the world to access AirTags. tracks.

With 9 percent of the global market share at the end of 2020 (according to Counterpoint investigation‘s data), Oppo can probably make a good case that it has the market saturation to make its tags effective as well, but it will likely depend a lot on where users are in the world and how popular Oppo’s phones are in that area.