Oppo unveils & # 39; the world's first selfie camera under the screen

The design of the past few years has been dominated by discussions about the best way to increase the screen-to-body ratio and where critical components are placed on devices dominated by their screens. The Holy Grail is of course the ability to integrate them directly into the screen, as we've seen with fingerprint sensors – and selfie cameras are the next.


Oppo, a company that has done its part in anti-bezel experiments with display notches and pop-up selfie cameras, is the first to show an under-screen camera to the public at MWC Shanghai this week after a plague earlier in the month. In addition to the show, Oppo has revealed more information about how the technology works.

Oppo says the display uses a modified transparent material that works with a redesigned pixel structure so that light can come through to the camera. The sensor itself would be larger than other selfie cameras, with a wider lens on the front. The part of the screen reserved for the camera still works with touch control and Oppo says that the image quality is not compromised.

Oppo acknowledges that placing a screen in front of a camera will inherently reduce the photo image quality, overcoming significant problems such as haze, glare, and color cast. The company says it developed hardware-based algorithms to address these issues, and claims that quality is "aligned with regular devices," but we'll have to see for ourselves what that means once the technology is on a commercial phone.

When will that be? Oppo says it plans to & # 39; in the near future & # 39; launch a device with a camera under the screen. The company often flaunts core technology prototypes before shipping on a commercial product – the current Reno flagship phone with periscope zoom lens is a good example – so there's reason to believe that such a phone will be available soon.

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