OnlyFans model makes fresh bid to be released from jail after stabbing boyfriend to death in Miami

An OnlyFans model accused of the brutal stabbing death her boyfriend earlier in the year was unable to bail out Thursday after she was denied bail by a Florida Judge.

The decision, delivered by Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Laura Shearon Cruz, serves as the latest development in the ongoing case against 26-year-old Courtney Clenney, who is accused of killing her boyfriend Christian Obumseli, 27, back in April.

Currently facing second-degree murder charges, the alleged femme fatale – who wore pink handcuffs during the day’s proceedings – was seen crying in the courtroom as the judge read the ruling.

Clenny’s lawyers had requested that Clenny be released from jail before her trial. This was despite the serious charges she faced. 

Clenney has pleaded no guilty to the slaying and has reneged on a confession she made to police in the face of mounting evidence against her. Clenney maintains her innocence. was arrested four months after the murder at a Hawaii rehabilitation center, after suffering a supposed nervous breakdown.

An OnlyFans model was charged with the brutal stabbing murder of her boyfriend in Florida earlier this year. She fell to pieces in court Thursday after she was denied bail by a Florida judge

Uncovered By Miami Police As Part Of Their Probe Into The Slaying, The Conversations Shed New Light On The Toxic Relationship Between Christian Obumseli, 27, And Courtney Clenney, 26, Before He Was Killed After An Apparent Argument In Their Luxury Apartment On April 3

As part of their investigation into the murder, Miami police did not uncover the conversations. These conversations shed light on the toxic relationship that Christian Obumseli, 27, had with Courtney Clenney 26, just before he was shot to death in their luxury apartment. 

Miami Detective Yermaine Brciceno testified that Clenney initially believed he had killed Obumseli out of self-defense. However, new evidence changed his opinion.

Briceno stated to the court that he had ‘learned that Christian is always the one trying calm the situation down’.

“Based on the messages, and everything else. He The one who was hurt was always the defendant. He said that the defendant was the one who couldn’t control herself and hurt him.

Clenney, who online went under the name Courtney Tailor claims that she killed Obumseli out of self-defense. She Has attempted to paint a picture about her deceased partner, as a violent and obsessive stalker.

Clenney, 26, Appears In Court On November 15 For A Hearing That Will Determine Whether Or Not She Will Be Granted Bail Prior To Her Trial. Prosecutors Are Arguing She'S A Flight Risk

Clenney, 26, will appear in court on November 15, for a hearing that will decide if she will be granted bail before her trial. Prosecutors argue she’s a flight threat

Clenney Sobs In Court On Tuesday As Prosecutors Play The April 911 Call She Made After Fatally Stabbing Her Boyfriend At Their Miami Apartment

Clenney sobs in court Tuesday as prosecutors play the April 911 Call she made after fatally stabbing her boyfriend in their Miami apartment

The Bloody Knife Clenney Used To Stab Obumseli On April 3, 2022 At The Pair'S Swanky Miami Apartment

Clenney used the bloody knife Clenney to stab Obumseli in their Miami apartment, April 3, 2022.

Judge Laura Shearon Cruz Presides Over The Detention Hearing Of Courtney Clenney

Courtney Clenney’s detention hearing is presided over by Judge Laura Shearon Cruz

Miami Prosecutor Khalil Quinan Presents Evidence During The Detention Hearing On Tuesday. He Argued That Clenney Should Not Make Bail Because She Is A Flight Risk

At the detention hearing on Tuesday, Khalil Quinan (Miami Prosecutor) presented evidence. He Clenney should not be released on bail, as she is a flight risk.

An Image Of The Blood Soaked Scene At Clenney And Obumseli'S Miami Apartment After The Fatal Stabbing, For Which The Onlyfans Model Is Now Standing Trial

An image of the bloody scene at Clenney & Obumseli’s Miami apartment after the fatal stabbing. This is where the OnlyFans model stands trial.

New Photos Released By The Miami-Dade State Attorney'S Office Show Onlyfans Model Courtney Clenney Moments After She Allegedly Stabbed Her Boyfriend Christian Obumseli In April

The Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office has released new photos showing Courtney Clenney, OnlyFans model, moments after she allegedly stabbed Christian Obumseli.

Bloody Nba-Branded Sweatpants That Clenney Was Seen Wearing On The Evening She Allegedly Stabbed Her Boyfriend To Death

Clenney was seen in bloody NBA-branded sweatpants she wore on the night she allegedly killed her boyfriend

Prosecutors have constructed a case around Clenney, who was seen as the primary aggressor of what was a toxic relationship, and who thoughtlessly took Obumseli’s lives in a fitof rage.

Clenney’s lawyer requested that Obumseli be excavated and examined by a medical examiner to support her self-defense story.   

Quinan’s filing further argues that Clenney regularly beat her boyfriend, who was a cryptocurrency trader, during their relationship. He Clenney claimed to have stabbed him in the leg once and then sliced his lip with a knife another time. 

Katherine Fernandez, attorney, claimed that Clenney claimed to stab Obumseli in his chest after grabbing her by her throat at the Miami apartment in March. According to the Miami Herald

The Cluttered Interior Of The Luxury Miami High-Rise Where Clenney Lived With Obumseli

The cluttered interior of the luxury Miami high-rise where Clenney lived with Obumseli

Clenney Being Being Taken Away During An Evidentiary Hearing On September 6

Clenney being taken from Clenney during an evidentiary Hearing on September 6

A Note (Pictured) That Appears To Be From Osumbeli To Clenney In Which He Describes Her As The 'Sweetest And Most Annoying Woman' He Knew. It Is Unclear Who Highlighted The Various Bits Of Text

A note (pictured), which appears to be from Osumbeli and Clenney. He describes her as the “sweetest and most annoying” woman he knew. It is not clear who highlighted the different parts of the text.

The torn note left by the victim to his girlfriend. Photographed in the Miami apartment they shared on the night he was murdered

You are truly the sweetest and most annoying person I know, but I wouldn’t trade you for anything. We will be back to loving one another as we were in the beginning. I will not hesitate dragging you to the aisle. I want to be everything for you. Your boyfriend, your best friend & your life-long partner. The man you trust to put your life on the line for. Courtney, you are more valuable than anything I could ever give up for your sake. I believe dreams can come true and would love to help you fulfill yours. You are my true love and that is why you have heard me say it so many times a day. I truly believe you are the one God set aside for me & likewise for you. Baby, you are the one I turn to when I’m stuck and the only person with whom I can share my life. I remember walking on the trail in Austin & I told you a poem that reminded me of you. This made me cry, and I loved you so much that I told you to go for a walk at sunset. The poem/song was called “MY PERSONAL SOUND”

Frank Prieto Clenney’s lawyer pointed out several recordings Obumseli made in his frequent fights and with his girlfriend, which are not flattering of his client.

“If you know you’re being taped, you’re going say what’s on your mind,” he replied. The detective asked him. He said, “That person has an edge to know he is being recorded, yes?”

One clip released by prosecutors appears to show Clenney calling Obumseli repeatedly the n-word while he asks her calm down.

Clenney stated she threw her knife at her boyfriend 10 feet away. Fernandez however, said that the autopsy revealed a deep cut that could only have happened from a distance.

After being found covered in blood on her balcony, the cops arrested OnlyFans’ model. However, she was later released as they believed she acted in self defense.

She was arrested in Hawaii several months later, in August. She has been in custody ever since.

Clenney & Obumseli had been together less than two years and were in a difficult relationship.

She She was arrested in Las Vegas for domestic battery, and police were called to her Austin, Texas home on multiple occasions.

The couple moved to Miami in the beginning of the year. Residents and staff at the building where they lived filed numerous complaints about domestic disturbances and the building was forced to move them out.

Clenney is seen in photos released by prosecutors starting April 3. They have bare feet and have chipped nails. He is also covered in blood. 

The sweatpants she’s wearing are the same ones she was wearing in the bodycam footage taken by police the night she reported the stabbing.

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