OnlyFans: Dhakota Williams praised for showing off her ‘real’ bikini body

The daughter of slain underworld king and drug lord Carl Williams has been praised for sharing ‘real’ bikini photos after being ‘fat-shamed’ by online trolls.

Dhakota Williams, 21 years old, showed off her amazing curves in a tiny bikini. The photos were posted to Instagram by many of her 44,000 Instagram followers on Friday. Many said it was refreshing to see images without any editing.

OnlyFans model from Melbourne is captured in one snap posing poolside in a barely there two-piece and her wet hair slicked.

Dhakota Williams, 21-year-old daughter of Carl Williams, a drug lord and slain underworld king, has been praised for sharing a’real’ photo of her bikini after she was ‘fat-shamed by online trolls

Dhakota, despite looking fresh out of the pool’s water, opted to do a full face makeup with long fake eyelashes. She also wore bright pink lipstick.

One fan commented, “Simply SuperStunning as Always,” 

Another added, “Thank you for keeping things real,” while another wrote, “Yass, a real women’s body on Instagram.”

She In photos posted to Instagram on Friday, she showed off her curves wearing a tiny string bikini. Many of her followers said it was refreshing to see images without being heavily edited.

After the photos are taken Dhakota stated that she had been fat-shamed constantly since the time she was nine years old, when her father died in prison.

‘I’ve never once addressed fat-shaming because I can’t be f**ked even giving it the energy,’ she wrote on Instagram.

“But these people on the internet have been calling me fat ever since I was nine years of age, and I’m fed…

“That’s twelve years of me having people comment on my body. It’s such a shame that I’ve had to learn not to give a f**k instead of people having to learn to be nice.

These photos were taken after Dhakota revealed that she had been fat-shamed ever since being forced into the limelight at nine years old when her father died in prison. 

“This is a child we are talking about, teaching herself to not to [care] These are not the people who are causing trouble, but these adults who are trying to be decent people.

On Sunday, Dhakota shut down another troll who asked why she was ‘selling herself’ on adult website OnlyFans.

The socialite, whose mother Roberta Williams is also on OnlyFans, brushed off the criticism with a sassy three-word response.

Dhakota, pictured as a child and with her father Carl Williams, shut down another troll on Sunday who asked why she was’selling’ herself on OnlyFans.

“Why are You Selling Yourself on OnlyFans?” One follower asked Dhakota, and Dhakota replied: “Cause I can.”

A fan asked her why she was single. She replied that she was’married for the money’.

Dhakota joined the subscription-based platform in January, and Roberta soon followed.

Roberta Williams, the mother of the socialite, is also on OnlyFans. The socialite responded to the criticism with a three-word sassy response: ‘Cause it’

Another fan asked why she was still single. The social media personality replied that she was’married with the money’.

Roberta, a Gangland widow, recently stated that OnlyFans was the best option for her and her daughter because of their bad reputation.

‘I can’t get a normal job like anyone else,’ Roberta, 53, told The Daily Telegraph.

“My dream job is to be an air hostess. However, I have never been able to do that due to my history. I am forced to take matters into myself. 

Dhakota joined OnlyFans earlier in the year, and her mother Roberta followed soon after. 

“Other people have profited from my image, so why shouldn’t I be in control so I can buy a forever home to my children? [That] “It is my main game here,” she said.

Dhakota stated that she had been “thinking about joining.” [OnlyFans] It took a while to think about it and you did not take the plunge until it was time.

She continued, “Mum gave me the courage,”

Roberta, a Gangland widow recently stated that she signed up for OnlyFans with her daughter and because their reputation makes it difficult for them to get regular jobs. 

Dhakota recently stated to The Daily Telegraph that she had been “thinking about joining.” [OnlyFans] Before you take the plunge, think about it for a while and give it a lot of thought. 

“There’s no shame in being feminine. I am proud of who and where I came from. It’s not a bad idea to show off your body. Importantly, I have complete control over what I share.

Roberta charges $30 per Month on OnlyFans. This is almost double the rate charged by most Married At First Sight stars. Dhakota charges even higher.

Dhakota posted an image of herself topless in June with her mother.

She She was nine years old when her father Carl, who was serving life sentences for the murders Jason, Lewis Moran, and Mark Mallia, was shot to death at Barwon Prison in April 2010.

Roberta charges $30 per Month on OnlyFans. This is almost double the rate charged by most Married At First Sight stars. Dhakota, however, is charging more 

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