Online orders are down 12% as retail reopens in the UK


The stores will reopen in London from April 12. Getty Images.

According to Salefire’s TrendDesk platform, beauty jobs saw the largest decrease of all sub-divisions, with a decrease of 18.8 percent. Footwear orders followed by 9 percent and sportswear orders were down 8.8 percent.

With clothing stores identified as non-essential during lockdowns in the UK, the trends reflected the expected increase in the number of visitors to brick-and-mortar stores after reopening. However, retail purchase volumes in e-commerce are likely to remain stable as consumers continue to prioritize online purchases even during the gradual easing of the lockdown.

“A decline in online fashion and footwear orders was expected,” Rich Himsworth, Salesfire CEO, said in a release. “Brands that emphasize their brick-and-mortar stores, such as Primark and TK Maxx, are ahead because their experience requires a personal visit.”