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Online game The Last of Us may be facing great difficulties and stumbled in the development process


After the recent PlayStation event, which many players considered disappointing in one way or another, and unworthy of a major event representing Sony, fans received another shock with the decision of Naughty Dog Studio to postpone the disclosure of The Last of Us online game, and now another report states that the reason for this is a faltering process. development and facing some difficulties.

According to a report issued by Bloomberg Magazine Written by the informed journalist Jason Schreyer, who said that she had spoken to four people familiar with the The Last of Us Multiplayer project, and according to them, the size of the game development team has been reduced after a recent evaluation of the project. Reports also confirm that the project has not been cancelled.

Journalist reports come Jason Schreyer About this story after the developer Naughty Dog’s recent statement, in which he announced the delay in revealing his expected massive team game project, as he claimed in a new tweet to him on Twitter, that it was in response to Bloomberg’s request for comment on the story. In any case, we will review together the most important points on this issue.

Problems plaguing The Last of Us Multiplayer as claimed by a report evil.

  • Many people on The Last of Us Multiplayer project have moved on to other projects.
  • Downsizing of the game development team following a recent evaluation of the project.
  • Sony is fully reviewing the game
  • Destiny 2 developer Bungie Studio evaluated the game, and raised questions about its ability to keep players engaged and interested for a long time.

Developer Naughty Dog responded to the report.

  • The project is still in the process of development
  • The developer needs more time to complete the development process
  • The developer wants to make the game what fans expect it to be.
  • The development team is working on other studio projects

The fact that the game did not appear in the PlayStation Showcase 2023 main event was reason enough to make the report of the journalist evil It’s all getting attention and focus, and in addition to the new statement from the developer and journalist Schreyer’s report, all indications are now that the game is in a slump and we probably won’t be hearing about the game again anytime soon.

In conclusion, do you think The Last of Us Multiplayer is in real trouble? Share with us below in the comments section.

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