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One shot, five hits: CS:GO player creates the impossible


Someone has to imitate him first: Hit the entire opposing team with a single shot.

There are those gaming moments that will probably stick in your memory forever. The player sp1cay had just such a moment in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Luckily he recorded it, otherwise nobody would probably believe what happened: Spi1cay did wiped out the entire enemy team with a single shot.

The probability of such a hit is vanishingly small. For this, all opponents had to stand one behind the other at the right moment. Killing two opponents with just one shot doesn’t happen every day – but killing five at once is hardly possible. With that, he also accomplished an ace, meaning he killed the entire team single-handedly. The cheers at the end of the video speak for themselves:

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However, Sp1cay is very modest, in his video description it says: I’ve never seen this before, so I guess it rarely happens? I am not sure! I hope you all enjoy the clip 🙂

JakoMako89 can hardly believe his eyes and congratulates the shooter:

This is a once in a lifetime shot. Insanely fantastic. congratulations

koofy even calls it the best clip in CS:GO history:

Over 10 years of CSGO and we’ve finally found the pinnacle of clips…

Glori4n would like to send the video to the developers right away:

This is the craziest thing ever. Valve should advertise it.

What do you think of the mega shot? Would you believe it if the recording didn’t exist? Do you think such a hit will happen again in the future, maybe in Counter-Strike 2? What moment have you had when playing games that got you absolutely psyched? Feel free to write it to us in the comments, we are looking forward to your incredible stories!

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