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One player finishes Tears of the Kingdom in just 94 minutes


On The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom release day, and while many players are sitting back and ready to enjoy the dozens of hours of gameplay ahead of them, fast-paced fans are instead looking for ways to finish the game as quickly as possible.

According to a report from VGC, fast-paced Zelda player gymnast86 has already posted a video of him finishing Tears of the Kingdom in 94 minutes. You should be careful when watching the video because of course it contains a lot of spoilers for the game, but you can watch the video on channel gymnast86 on The YouTube If you wish.

The player completed the game in exactly 1 hour, 34 minutes, and 33 seconds, but since the game was just released, this current record is likely to be broken again and again.

For comparison, Tears of the Kingdom’s predecessor, Breath of the Wild, finished in 23 minutes and 51 seconds, although this was only a few months ago, so it could still finish in even less time. One player even beat the game 50 times in one day at about the same time.

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