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One Nation MP Mark Lathan criticized the Climate 200 founder in a tense television interview on election night.


Tense moment Mark Latham gets into heated exchange with Teal’s freelance ‘puppeteer’: You are a complete and utter fraud’

  • Mark Latham targeted Simon Holmes at Court in interview

One Nation MP Mark Latham criticized Climate 200 founder Simon Holmes in court in a tense television interview on election night.

During the bold showdown, Latham called the Australian businessman “a complete and utter fraud” because he was “pulling the strings” of the teal candidates.

He claimed that the trulli should declare themselves a political party after questioning who chose their five candidates.

‘Who chose Judy Hannan in Wollindilly’s seat?’ Latham said.

“You can’t answer that question because you are a complete and utter fraud, that’s what you are,” he said.

“That’s nonsense,” Holmes said to Court.

NSW One Nation leader Mark Latham and former Labour-turned-One Nation MP Tania Mihailuk following a press conference outside Canterbury Bankstown Council Chambers

Holmes a Court conceded that none of the five Climate 200-funded teal candidates were likely to achieve a victory.

“We will be very happy if some of these seats become marginal,” he said.

Most of these seats haven’t changed hands in one or two generations. So to bring genuine competition into these seats and get the community involved in politics, that’s a win before you start.’

The coalition government has 45 seats: 33 for the Liberals and 12 for the Nationals, Labor 36, the Greens three, while there are nine independents, including two former Liberal MPs.

Labor went into Saturday’s election needing to win at least nine seats to reclaim the government.

But Newspoll’s preferred two-party result of 54.5-45.5 represents a 6.5 per cent swing against the Coalition, which would give Labor up to 10 extra seats.

That would give Labor all 47 seats for a majority without the support of the main caucus, but it is doubtful that there will be an even swing.

In another boost for Labour, Minns gained a two-point lead as preferred prime minister over Perrottet for the first time in this Newspoll.

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