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Tragedy when one man dies and the other is in a critical condition after a hang gliding accident

  • One man in his years & # 39; 70 died and another in his years & # 39; 20 is in a critical condition
  • The couple fell from a hang-glider on a lookout post in Lennox Head, near Byron Bay
  • Paramedics performed CPR on the man in his & # 39; 70, but he died on the spot

One man is dead and the other is fighting for life after he has fallen from a hang-glider on the north coast of the NSW.

Paramedics were summoned to Moreton Lookout on Lennox Head, just after noon on Wednesday after the hang gliders fell before the crash.

Bystanders found their way to the injured men and started CPR, although one of the men – presumably in his 70s & 70s – died on the spot.


The other man, presumably in his 20s, was pulled out of the sky and flown to the Gold Coast Hospital in a critical condition.

& # 39; This was an extremely complex rescue for paramedics and emergency services because of the surrounding terrain and the location from where the hang glider crashed & said, "NSW Ambulance Inspector Greg Powell in a statement."

& # 39; We always do everything we can to get the best patient outcome, but unfortunately we couldn't do anything more in this case. It was an extremely tragic accident and understandable that all involved were destroyed.

More to come.