One body found by police in search of missing Arizona parents, who vanished while kayaking in Mexico

A body has been found on a beach in Mexico after an Arizona couple went missing while kayaking on Thanksgiving.

Corey Allen and Yeon-Su Kim, parents of two teenagers, were kayaking on a beach near Rocky Point, Mexico, also known as Puerto Peñasco, with their daughter Thursday when strong winds and currents washed them away around 1 a.m. p.m

Allen had taken his 14-year-old daughter Lux ashore when the weather turned before returning to help his wife, according to a statement. GoFundMe. But the parents never made it back to shore, prompting an extensive search with the help of volunteers and rescue agencies at 6 p.m.

Authorities said Sunday they found a body on the beach that resembled one of the missing parents, but did not name which one, according to El Imparcial reports.

An aerial search was conducted the day the body was found with the help of more than $54,000 raised in the fundraising account, according to organizer Lisa Aumack.

The sandy beach-filled vacation destination lies about 300 miles south of the Arizona border.

Corey Allen and Yeon-Su Kim, parents of two children, went missing on Thanksgiving while kayaking in Mexico

Authorities Said Sunday They Found A Body But Did Not Clarify The Identity.

Authorities said Sunday they found a body but did not clarify the identity.

The Couple And Their 14-Year-Old Daughter Were In The Water Near Rocky Point, Mexico On Thursday When Strong Winds And Currents Caused Them To Disappear.

The couple and their 14-year-old daughter were in the water near Rocky Point, Mexico on Thursday when strong winds and currents caused them to disappear.

Authorities Announced The Find Sunday Afternoon.

Authorities announced the find Sunday afternoon.

Allen and Yeon-Su Kim are well known in Flagstaff, Arizona, where their supporters have donated funds to help find the couple. Yeon-Su Kim is a professor of forestry at Northern Arizona University and Allen is a real estate agent.

The couple have two children, Lux, who is a freshman at Northland Prep Academy in Flagstaff, and Pax, who is a college freshman in Oregon.

GoFundMe organizer Aumack has posted daily updates on the search efforts and announced Saturday that the couple was more than two days late.

“Corey and Yeon-Su are now 54 hours behind,” Aumack wrote. “Volunteers have spent the last two days flying, navigating and searching on the ground, with no sightings so far.

‘The Mexican Navy is providing resources by air and sea, which is very useful. We intend to continue the search. [on Sunday]focusing as many resources as possible on flights through a search area south of Puerto Peñasco.

“The Gofundme donations that have been given so generously thus far will be used to support more pilots getting airborne and to support others who have been supporting the search, or who are able to, with additional resources.”

No updates have been posted as of Sunday afternoon.

The NAU professor has received a tremendous amount of support from her students and colleagues online.

“Yeon-Su is one of my IPs in NAU… It breaks my heart to hear this and I hope they find them safe,” April Sutter wrote on the GoFundMe page. My thoughts are with the family and friends of the family.

“Student pilot in Phoenix here who wishes I could volunteer to join the search but donating because I can’t,” Neil Singh wrote. ‘Praying for a positive outcome.’

“Yeon-Su Kim has been one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met,” Elisa Whitby wrote. “She is a very caring person, she always checks on us students, she wants the best for everyone and makes some days better when necessary.”

Others recalled memories with the couple.

“When I lived in Flagstaff from 2007 to 2010, Yeon-su and Corey became very good friends,” Junhie oh wrote. ‘They kindly and selflessly helped me and my daughter settle in and feel comfortable in Flagstaff. I now live on the east coast. We kept in touch and exchanged Christmas cards. My thoughts and love to Yeon-su, Corey, Pax and Lux.’

“Waiting for the safe return of Cory and Yeon-su, the restoration of their beautiful family, their friends and colleagues, and the society to which they have given so much and in which they are so loved and appreciated,” another person wrote. ‘God speed.’

The Couple Disappeared In Puerto Pensaco, Mexico. The Sandy Beach-Filled Vacation Destination Is About 300 Miles South Of The Arizona Border.

The couple disappeared in Puerto Pensaco, Mexico. The sandy beach-filled vacation destination is about 300 miles south of the Arizona border.

Rocky Point, Mexico Is Also Known As Peñasco

Rocky Point, Mexico is also known as Peñasco

It’s unclear where the couple’s children remain, but any unused money in the GoFundMe account will go toward their educational and other needs.

“If the search is complete and no expenses are incurred, funds will be deposited into an account created to help with the educational and other needs of Corey and Yeon-Su’s children,” Aumack wrote on the fundraising page. .

Aumack described herself as Lux’s “Flagstaff grandmother,” who taught her how to swim, since her “real” grandparents live outside of Arizona and out of the country.

“I taught her to sew and helped her participate in sewing and baking projects at the county fair,” Aumack wrote. She has had fun nights at my house. She and my granddaughter are very close. Anyone who wants more credentials can send me a message.

As of Sunday afternoon, $56,650 of $100,000 had been raised.

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