On the Apple website it says that the Mac Pro will be released in September

A pop-up on Apple's website says the new Mac Pro will be released in September, which is a more specific time frame than the "fall" launch window that Apple announced at WWDC last week. 9to5Mac was the first to spot the September date, which can be accessed by pressing the & # 39; Sign me & # 39; click on the Apple home page above the Mac Pro.

It is unclear how accurate the new release information is. If you go to the Mac Pro & # 39; s special page, the "let me know" button still calls up a message that the machine will start "this fall". We have contacted Apple for more information and will update this piece when we hear again.

In addition to the release date, we also expect more information about the price of the Mac Pro. We know the machine starts with a base price of $ 5,999, but we have no official information about how much the premium configurations will cost. Our own estimates bring the cost of a fully-equipped Mac Pro to nearly $ 35,000, so don't hold your breath if you hope to purchase one of these for personal use.