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Olivia Downes complains that she is not allowed to have her tubes tied

A young woman is left furious after a doctor refuses to “tie her tubes,” telling her she can “meet Mr. Right” and change her mind about having children.

Olivia Downs, 23, claims she went to see her doctor to ask about the permanent procedure when she was promptly dropped off.

“I never want children,” she explained, “I made that decision in my mind since I was old enough to consider the concept.”

She said her doctor told her she couldn’t have her tubes tied because they weren’t reversible.

She said, “I know, that’s why I asked, I’d like that option.”

Olivia Downs, 23, wants her tubes tied

Olivia went on to explain that having children is “not in her plan.”

“This is not in my five-year plan, my ten-year plan, my fiftieth plan, I don’t want it,” she said.

But her doctor stood firm and said that the risk of her changing her mind was too great, which infuriated the young woman.

Then she said there were less permanent options that were “equally effective” and told her about the IUD.

Olivia put in a voice pretending to be her doctor: “We put it in your womb and you’re cramping and bleeding for three months.”

Downs, from the US, shared a video of him complaining about being rejected by a doctor.

It quickly caught on with thousands of women adding their worth with two cents.

She explained:

She explained, “I never want children, I made that decision in my mind since I was old enough to consider the concept.”

Some scoffed at the idea that the IUD was as effective as tubal ligation.

‘I had my second daughter while on an IUD, and my first daughter on the Pill,’ said one woman.

“I got pregnant with an IUD too, and later had a miscarriage,” said another.

Others got angry at ‘Mr. Correct comment.

One woman said, “The more men I meet, the less I want children.”

Another wrote: “Yeah because all life decisions change when you meet someone… hmmm.”

“Your Mr. Right is someone who does not want children. How difficult it is for doctors to understand,” said another.

Some revealed they were sent home from their doctors’ office after asking similar questions.

One woman said, “Keep fighting, it took me ten years to find a doctor who would.”

“There’s a list of doctors most likely to say yes on Reddit, check that out,” another suggested.

Another complained: “What frustrates me is that they say I’ll change my mind too – but like me and my wife doesn’t want kids either.”

Olivia said she would literally spin if she ended up carrying a baby she didn’t want.

“I don’t want to be on hormonal birth control either — just let me have it,” she said, noting that if she changes her mind she can always adopt.

She was given a pamphlet on IUDs - which further inflamed her anger

She was given a pamphlet on IUDs – which further inflamed her anger

Another woman, who suffers from a chronic illness and said that having a child can be dangerous, complained that she had been trying to tie her child for seven years.

“They suggested that my partner be sterilized instead, I don’t understand the logic,” she said.

Another woman said she wanted her tubes tied at age 33, after having six children.

“They still wouldn’t, they said I was too young, I said then I completed my family but they wouldn’t budge.”

Tubal ligation surgery is legal in most Western countries for any well-informed adult woman who fully understands the consequences and freely consents to the procedure.

There is no official age limit, minimum number of children, or spousal consent requirement, but many women seem to struggle with finding a doctor willing to go through with the procedure.