Olena Zelenska opens an exhibition of Russian War Crimes in Westminster

The First Lady from Ukraine looked sad as she opened an Exhibition of Russian War at Westminster nine months after her country’s invasion.

Olena Zelenska (44) wore a smart grey skirt and black peterpan collared blazer as she exhorted the UK not to be a hindrance in Ukraine’s pursuit of justice against Russia. 

The elegant, solemn look of her blonde hair was accentuated with minimal stud earrings. 

The wife of Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy addressed an audience of MPs and peers that included Boris Johnson and Sir Keir Starmer, before she toured the exhibition at Portcullis House.

Olena Zelenska, Ukraine’s First Lady, opened an exhibition on Russian War Crimes at Portcullis House. 

The First Lady, 44, Spoke Of The Harrowing And Horrific Crimes That Ukraine Has Endured In The Last Nine Months, Since Russia Invaded

44-year-old First Lady spoke out about the horrific and horrifying crimes Ukraine has suffered in the nine months since Russia invaded. 

Olena Zelenska Was Joined By Mps. She Wore A Smart Grey Skirt Suit, With A Black Collar On The Blazer To The Event

MPs joined Olena Zilenska. She To the event, she wore a grey skirt suit with a black collar and blazer. 

Ms Zelenska was visiting London as part her visit and she spoke in Parliament to urge the UK and allies to get justice against Russian war crimes.

Her Visit has been focused on the use and rape of Russian forces during the long-running war that lasted months. Now, it is heading into a long winter.

She spoke in agony to the Houses of Parliament on Tuesday and said that the youngest victim of these crimes was a four-year old girl who was raped by Russian occupiers.

A further stark message was delivered by her, stating that today’s Ukrainian experience has many similarities to the British suffering during WWII. World War II.

She said, in front of a Union Jack flag and a Ukrainian flag: “Justice like victory cannot be achieved without allies.”

During The Day The First Lady Visited The House Of Commons Where She Met With Sir Lindsay Hoyle Among Others

The First Lady also visited the House of Commons, where she met Sir Lindsay Hoyle and other members. 

Here The First Lady Is Viewing The Exhibition That Is Now On Display In Westminster London

Here, the First Lady is looking at the exhibit currently on display in Westminster London 

Sir Lindsay Hoyle With First Lady Of Ukraine Olena Zelenska After She Addressed Mps In The Houses Of Parliament

Sir Lindsay Hoyle, Olena Zelenska First Lady of Ukraine after she addressed MPs in Houses of Parliament

She Moscow argued that the International Criminal Court, (ICC), does not have the legal power to punish it for its invasion.

She spoke through a translator and said that she needed to establish a special tribunal against Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. This would enhance the work, not decrease, of the ICC.

“We must unite the international community, just like it was in January 1942 to support a special tribunal against Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

“I ask you for a favor to help me become the world’s leader in justice efforts.

Speaking Ahead Of Touring The Exhibition

She Urged The Uk To Help

Olena argued against the International Criminal Court (ICC), which does not have the legal power to punish Moscow for its invasion, and requested the UK’s assistance 

On Tuesday The First Lady Was Also Greeted By The Queen Consort At Buckingham Palace, London

Tuesday, the First Lady was also received by the Queen Consort at Buckingham Palace in London

“I believe London can provide this crucial impetus to make the world better and more fair.

Boris Johnson, a former prime minister who supported Ukraine during his premiership was present at the speech along with Sir Ed Davey, the Liberal Democrat leader.

Penny Mordaunt, the leader of the House of Commons, was also present along with MPs representing all political parties.

After The First Lady of Ukraine, along with Sir Lindsay, toured an exhibition at Portcullis House highlighting alleged Russian war crime in Ukraine.

First Lady Of Ukraine Olena Zelenska With Speaker Of The House Of Commons Sir Lindsay Hoyle And Deputy Labour Leader Angela Rayner During The Opening Of A Russian War Crimes Exhibition At Portcullis House

Olena Zelenska is the First Lady of Ukraine. She was pictured with Sir Lindsay Hoyle, Speaker of The House of Commons and Angela Rayner, Deputy Labour Leader, at the opening of a Russian war crime exhibition at Portcullis House.

The exhibit, which was already displayed in the European Parliament, NATO headquarters and elsewhere, will be open until mid-December.

Speaking in Ukrainian to a quiet crowd, Ms Zelenska addressed the victims of Russian atrocities committed in Bucha, Mariupol, and other areas of her country. She also warned that every torturer involved in this war has his own face. I urge you to take a look at these photographs.

“Then your abstract vision of war in Ukraine will be real.”

On Tuesday, the Queen Consort was also present at Buckingham Palace with Olena Zelenska, First Lady of Ukraine.

The Exhibition, Which Has Already Been Shown In The European Parliament And Nato Headquarters, Will Remain Open Until Mid-December

The exhibit, which was already displayed in the European Parliament, NATO headquarters and elsewhere, will be open until mid-December

Sir Lindsay, Called The Images In The Exhibition On War Crimes 'Shocking, Distressing And Appalling'

Sir Lindsay described the images in the War Crimes Exhibition as’shockingly distressing’ and ‘appalling’

In an interview with BBC Radio 4’s Today, Ms Zelenska advised the British public to not forget the “tragedy” of the Russian invasion during the festive season.

She had visited Downing Street on Monday and met Akshata Murty (Prime Minister’s wife).

Akshata greeted Ukraine’s first lady outside 10 Downing St., and they took pictures together before hanging decorations in Ukrainian colors on the Downing St. Christmas tree. 

Olena Zelenska Met With Prime Minster Rishi Sunak'S Wife On Monday To Speak At A Conference On Sexual Violence In War

Olena Zelenska met Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s spouse Monday to address a conference about sexual violence in war.

Zelenska spoke at the “Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict Initiative” conference in London today. She stated that Kyiv’s prosecutors were investigating more 100 possible crimes by Russian soldiers but these investigations were only a small fraction of the real number of such crimes in Ukraine.

 She The Russian leader demanded a global response to sexual violence as an arsenal of war, and also criticized the wives of Putin’s troops who encouraged their husbands to rape Ukrainian women.

The Stories Shared During The Exhibition Opening Were Incredibly Distressing And Harrowing

The exhibition opening was filled with horrifying and distressing stories.

A support program has been launched by the Ukrainian government to aid war victims. Zelenska stated that she hopes it will be a “first step towards an investigation into and prosecution”.

She said that Ukraine was interested in setting up similar initiatives elsewhere, like in Germany or the Czech Republic.

Last week, James Cleverly, the UK’s Foreign Secretary, announced new aid to Ukraine during a visit in Kyiv. He also supported victims of Russian sexual violence.

To combat the evil of sexual violence in conflict, representatives from more than 70 countries are coming together at the Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict Initiative conference.

First Lady Olena Zelenska Surrounded By Britons At The Opening Of The Exhibition, Including Sir Lindsay Hoyle

First Lady Olena Zeleska is surrounded by Britons during the opening of the exhibition. Sir Lindsay Hoyle was also present 

It heard from Nobel Peace Prize laureates Nadia Murad, and Denis Mukwege who were awarded a joint award in 2018 to acknowledge their work on the issue as well as survivors.

Britain launched a campaign for one year to raise awareness of the issue during its 2012 presidency of the G8 group industrialized nations. Angelina Jolie, an actress from Hollywood, supported the campaign.

She In a message to the meeting, he stated that such attacks require a global response.

“When there isn’t, it sends both the victim as well as the perpetrator a message that we don’t really consider this a significant crime that should be punished and stopped,” she said.

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