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Oklahoma’s pet monkey killed after attacking woman and breaking her ear ‘in half’


A pet monkey attacked an Oklahoma woman Sunday, leaving her with non-life-threatening injuries.

The ape was later shot to death in the woods near the scene of the incident by members of the victim’s family, NBC News reported.

The attack occurred shortly after 6 p.m., when the Dickson Police Department responded to a report a monkey on someone’s porch. Upon arrival, the monkey reportedly jumped on the back of the police vehicle and then ran and jumped on the victim.

Brittany Parker, the injured woman, was also the first to call the police to report the animal.

The monkey “ran up my back and jumped on my head, ripped my hair out and then ripped my ear in half like it was a piece of paper,” he said.

Parker was taken to a hospital in Oklahoma City and released Monday with bruises and a sewn-up ear.

One of Parker’s family members was able to locate the monkey in the woods, where it tried to escape. Parker said the animal also attacked the family member before being shot.

Dickson police say the monkey’s body is being tested at the Oklahoma Disease Laboratory.

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