Oklahoma man arrested during family game of Monopoly after he got angry and started shooting

Real-life Go to Jail’ card Oklahoma man arrested after family Monopoly game turned violent. He allegedly shot at his stepfather and stepsister.

  • A man from Oklahoma was arrested Saturday after shooting at his family during a game of Monopoly.
  • According to reports, the fight broke out between the members of the family who were drinking and playing the game board. One man pulled out a gun.
  • John Armstrong allegedly chased down his stepfather, and stepsister, along their street in Tulsa. He claimed he fired one shot at the ground after chasing them down. 
  • Armstrong was charged with assault with a deadly weapons and was taken to the Tulsa County Jail 

One Oklahoma man went straight to jail after firing his gun at his family during a Monopoly game on Saturday. 

John Ronald Dewayne Armstrong was taken into custody in Tulsa. This happened after a game of the game escalated into an argument. A table and the board were flipped during the dispute. Armstrong then allegedly chased down his stepsisters and stepfathers, while pointing his guns at them. 

According to reports, officers from the Tulsa Police Department were summoned to a residence near East Admiral Place or North Mingo Road at 6.30pm to investigate reports of shots fired. KTUL.

The officers arrived to discover that Armstrong and his stepfather had been drinking at the time the violence began. 

John Ronald Dewayne Armstrong was taken into custody Saturday. He was accused of chasing his stepfather down the street and shooting at them with a gun during a heated Monopoly game.

The Board Game And Furniture Were Flipped Over During The Argument Between Armstrong And His Stepfather Saturday Evening

Armstrong and his stepfather argued over Saturday evening’s board game and furniture. 

The woman who called the police said Armstrong was her stepbrother. They had chased him down their street. 

The Monopoly board was the first to be seized. 

Armstrong suffered a cut to his head and then he pulled out his gun.  

Danny Bean, Tulsa Police Department Officer, stated that the situation quickly escalated from family game night to furniture being moved around and pieces scattered all over the ground.

Armstrong and Armstrong got into an argument with his stepfather. He then started to chase his stepsister, and the man, down the street. 

Armstrong allegedly pointed the gun at the pair as he chased the two. Armstrong said he fired just one shot “at the ground.” 

This Is The Tulsa Home Where A Fight Between Armstrong And His Stepfather Broke Out As They Were Drinking And Playing A Game Of Monopoly

This is Tulsa, Oklahoma. Armstrong and his stepfather fought while they were drinking and playing Monopoly.

‘He Bean stated that Bean believed he was shooting at them from the ground. “But, we were very close to committing homicide after playing Monopoly.” 

It is not known what caused the heated dispute in the first instance. 

He stated that he didn’t know whether it was real money, game pieces or play money but that something had set him off.

According to reports, the man was taken into custody immediately officers arrived at the scene. FOX23.  

It Was Straight To Jail For Armstrong Who Fired His Gun After A Game Of Monopoly Turned Violent With His Family Members In Tulsa, Oklahoma

Armstrong, who shot his gun in Tulsa after a game Monopoly became violent with his family members, was immediately taken to jail 

Bean stated that there are no free passes out of prison and that he was taken to jail.

Armstrong was charged with assault with a deadly instrument and was taken to the Tulsa County Jail. 

Bean explained that Bean pulled the trigger and family game night was turned into a crime. 

His bond was set to $25,000 and he has since bonded free after Saturday’s incident. 

Armstrong’s gun was not immediately found, but officials believe Armstrong may have kept it in his home before he surrendered. 

According to the, Armstrong will be back in court on December 2, 2012. Tulsa County Inmate Information Center.  

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