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Oh hey, Google just announced the Pixel Fold


Look, I’m not going to sit here and pretend the whole world didn’t know this was happening next week, but is a little theater too much to ask? Google learned a few years ago that the best way to fuel a product hype cycle is to “leak” the thing itself, and here we are, face down a tweet that leaves little to the imagination. The short video shows the company’s upcoming Pixel Foldable slowly unfolding from every conceivable angle.

Google is using Star Wars Day as an excuse to kick off the old hype train, but the truth is it’s preparing the pump with less than a week before it returns to Shoreline for some in-person I/O.

Image Credits: Google

As seen above, all previous leaks seem to have been more or less on the money. As the name implies, the form factor is more Samsung Galaxy Z Fold than Samsung Galaxy Z Flip – that is, more book than clamshell. The dimensions, on the other hand, seem a bit closer to Oppo’s recent foldable or even Microsoft’s bygone Surface Duo.

Of course, Google has been laying the groundwork for its entry into space for a few years now. The company has worked closely with Samsung to create a version of Android that scales well to a foldable form factor. The design language is in line with the rest of the Pixel device line, including the familiar camera bar, which includes several rare lenses.

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