Offset became a member of Faze Clan because his players are "rock stars"

Like most celebrities, Offset – one third of the hip-hop trio Migos – can't really enjoy in public like the average person. There are too many curious looks in the supermarket or the mall. So when he needs to relax, he plays games like Duty and NBA 2K with random people online. Recently, his virtual teammates could not stop talking about e-sports and competitive gaming. Stories from teenagers who win millions of dollars playing Fortnite intrigued him, so Offset did some more research itself. It wasn't long before he discovered Faze Clan.


"It was something special," he says, "and I felt that I should be part of it."

Last week, Offset announced that it was investing in Faze Clan, one of the largest and most influential names in competitive gaming. (The terms of the deal were not disclosed.) According to the rapper, he felt a direct relationship with the team, which is different from most other e-sports organizations.

Faze Clan has a huge following, both based on his image and his history of winning. In addition to participating in major tournaments for Fortnite and Duty, the team works something like a streetwear brand, with regular merchandise that sells out almost immediately. The personality-based style has led to a large, dedicated fan base. When Faze had a fan meeting in New York during the Fortnite World Cup, it became so busy that the police had to close the event.

This type of success was a big part of the call for Offset. "This is a dream," he says about the players of Faze. "They live the way I live as an artist. This doesn't happen to everyone. & # 39; He also felt a kinship with the group almost immediately after he met them. In a recent video you can see Offset playing drive crazy in the Faze house in Los Angeles, and he just seems like another member.

This fame – along with Faze merchandise, which Offset describes as "fire" – helped consolidate the deal. "They were just vibing like friends. They are homies," he says. "It wasn't like that," Oh, let's sit down and talk about the business situation. "These guys influence things for the culture. This is what I believe in. This is what I do my art for. "

Offset joins a growing list of hip hop stars who invest in the e-sports room. Drake became co-owner of 100 Thieves last year, while The Weeknd invested in Overactive Media, the parent company of the Overwatch League & # 39; s Toronto Defiant and Wiz Khalifa collaborated with his hometown Multigame organization Pittsburgh Knights. Even Faze has seen Lil Yachty come on board earlier.


According to Offset, there is one important connecting force that connects hip hop and e-sport. "It's about entertainment," he says. He also notes that there is not necessarily a big difference between a big streamer and a music superstar. "The real players, they are like rock stars," he says. "They have great followers, they influence children, and that's what I do. It was just organic. These guys are cool."

The rapper seems enthusiastic about the potential of e-sports. He describes the field as "the future" and sees the diverse audience of competitive gaming as a huge advantage. “My four-year-old is playing Fortnite, "he says." My little brother playing 21 Fortnite. It is every reach of people, and it is nothing but positivity. It will be forever. "

And although it is an investment deal, Offset says he plans to be more involved with Faze Clan than just setting up money. "It's not like this is just an investment in cash cows," he says. Although nothing can be announced yet, it can mean that you are part of everything from new videos to merchandised drops. "I am completely with them. We are going to do everything."

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