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OFFICIAL: AAA John Wick game in development! | -WhatsNew2Day


Over the past year, we have heard unofficial news regarding the launch of the “John Wick” game in the future, and recently it was confirmed that the AAA-grade John Wick game is in development, along with the fifth part of the movie, as it seems that the next John Wick 5 movie is still in the early stage of work on it, which makes sense since the fourth installment of “John Wick” only premiered two months ago.

The game “John Wick” was revealed in Lionsgate 2023 earnings call For the past quarter, as Motion Picture Group President Joe Drake discussed plans to create more entertainment content for the “John Wick” character, Joe Drake mentioned in the report that they’re very interested in the series and not just making movies but making big-budget video games.

The John Wick series by its nature has a lot of fans all over the world, the step of creating a huge game for this particular character is risky in the right place but it needs to be more careful than making a new movie, because games based on movies do not have the best history except for some superhero games.

We don’t know anything else about the upcoming game, but given the success of “John Wick” as a movie series it will be interesting to see what the game looks like but if you really like John Wick there is already a strategy game called John Wick Hex available on PS4, Xbox One , Nintendo Switch and PC.

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