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Off on descent? Hertha President speaks plain language


Hertha BSC is once again in the relegation battle. The mission to become a “Big City Club” failed at the latest when ex-investor Lars Windhorst left. New President Kay Bernstein now wants to lead the club into a more successful future.

A descent would not fit into this plan. With currently 22 points, the club from the capital is on the relegation place before the 27th match day and the game against RB Leipzig. Nevertheless, Bernstein is sure that the club will stay up in the league.

In an interview with “Sport Bild”, the 42-year-old explained: “Unfortunately, Hertha is playing against relegation for the fourth time in a row. The difference: previously it happened when the coffers were full, this time the coffers are empty. The x- “The team that has been thrown through times and the umpteenth coach have to perform with this heavy backpack of missed opportunities. We knew before the season that it was about staying up and I still believe that we will succeed this time as well.”

Bernstein wants to remain Hertha President even with relegation

Coach Sandro Schwarz should help. The reaction that the team showed against Freiburg (1-1) was also thanks to the coach, said Bernstein.

Despite the entry of “777 Partners”, there should not be any major financial leaps at Hertha BSC in the coming years. According to Bernstein, the club would also survive financially if it were relegated. “Castles in the air” and “the big circus” will no longer exist for the time being.

By the way, one thing is also clear for the former Hertha-Ultra: For the time being there will be no personal consequences in the event of a relegation to league two: “I have great respect for the office of President. The highest authority is the general meeting, and I put myself in it bad times as well as good times.”

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