Ofcom calls the former BT convergence chief as a new CTO

<pre><pre>Ofcom calls the former BT convergence chief as a new CTO

BT and EE alumnus Mansoor Hanif is Ofcom & # 39; s new Chief Technology Officer (CTO), replacing the long-standing Steve Unger who left the regulator in June.

Hanif's new mission is to ensure that Ofcom & # 39; s work is informed by the latest developments in network technology, a function for which it is well-qualified.

He had recently been head of convergence at BT, having previously served as EE's radio director, where he was responsible for the integration of the T-Mobile and Orange networks. He left BT earlier this year.

Ofcom CTO

"The industries where Ofcom regulates evolve at an unprecedented pace – this dynamic is driven by technological innovation," he said. "I am particularly pleased to participate in Ofcom at this crucial moment when ultrafast broadband, 5G mobile and the Internet of Things are converging to transform communication and increase productivity in all industries.

"My priority will be to help Ofcom accelerate world-class growth, secure and universal communications services in the UK – backed by the most creative and innovative technology."

"I am pleased to appoint Mansoor as Chief Technology Officer of Ofcom, where he will bring extensive, specialist knowledge and experience," adds Ofcom CEO Sharon White.

"This important role helps us ensure that our work is informed by current and emerging technology and that our regulations work effectively in the digital age, as we play a greater role in cybersecurity, which is more important than ever."

Hanif's appointment, even in a technical role, is intriguing given the ongoing search for a replacement for Gavin Patterson as BT CEO. The suggestion is that BT investors want a less charged relationship with Ofcom, who has spoken with the regulator in recent years in recent years.

According to reports, BT has even approached the former Ofcom executive, Lord Carter, about the possibility of following Patterson in a direction that would add force to that theory.

Hanif was also a member of the UK5G advisory board, and experience will be the key as the UK progresses to 5G.