Oculus founder Michael Antonov accused of sexual violence

A co-founder of the Facebook company virtual reality company Oculus has been accused of groping a woman years ago during a VR session. Autumn Rose Taylor, marketing director at game studio Owlchemy Labs, tweeted the allegations against Michael Antonov yesterday. Facebook VR VP Andrew Bosworth commented on her tweets, call the story "Sickening." A Facebook spokesperson confirmed The edge that Antonov left Facebook earlier this year.


Taylor wrote that the incident with Antonov took place during a Game Developers Conference VR party during her studies. (She initially described him as "a founder / exec of a well-known VR hardware company" but later revealed his name.) Taylor confirmed to Business insider that she met Antonov at a GDC afterparty in 2016, saying that he had offered to give her a private preview of the upcoming Oculus Rift headset before she brought her to a private room and touched her. “Michael Antonov was a damn creep for me during an Oculus event. Men should not continue to do this, & she tweeted.

Bosworth, who began to lead the team in 2018, tweeted that he "had asked to understand how the situations were being tackled" on Facebook. "For confidentiality, I cannot share details, but intimidation is not tolerated or ignored. We investigate every claim, every time," He wrote. Oculus was taken over by Facebook in 2014. Antonov & # 39; s LinkedIn page says he joined the Oculus Facebook AI team last year, but it says his employment ended in May. All other co-founders of Oculus had left the company from mid-August.

Katie Chironis, a current Riot Games designer who worked on various Oculus demos, also reported a negative experience at Oculus. “I was sexually harassed at an Oculus party for about 10 other employees, some of whom immediately came forward to confirm the story when I reported it to HR. The man still works there, & # 39; she wrote.

Taylor told Business insider that she was inspired by a whole series of public accusations against powerful men in the gaming industry. Earlier this week, three game designers and composers were accused of rape and abuse, causing a studio to cancel an upcoming game because of the claims. More allegations have since emerged over other developers.