NYC Mayor Eric Adams says ‘blue surge’ of NYPD officers on subways IS working crimes surging 40%

New York City Mayor Eric Adams insists his ‘blue surge’ of putting more NYPD officers on patrol in the city’s subway system is working, despite crime figures showing crimes including murder, rape and robbery have surged 40 percent this year, compared to 2021.

Between January and October at least 2,019 felony crimes were reported – up from  1,462 recorded from the same time period last year – a rise of almost 40 percent.

According to the NYPD, October saw 210 felonies in total, which was slightly higher than September’s 198. 

All manner of crimes were included in the statistics for October. Three murders, two burglaries. 51 robberies. 46 felony assaults. 108 grand larcenies.

According to newly released data, there have been nine subway murders this year and six in 2021. 

So far, at least 12 people have been shoved before a subway train this year. Two of these victims were also killed. 

Major felonies in subway system as  whole are down 13 percent over the last 28 days, and down 5.4 percent as compared to 2017, the data shows. 

One reason for the increase in crime is the fact that more people now use the subway system again, with workers returning home from work.

Eric Adams, New York City Mayor is seen with Officers Taufique Borkth (left) and Brunel Vic who saved the lives of a man who had fallen on subway tracks at 116th Street Station in Harlem

Between January And October At Least 2,019 Felony Crimes Were Reported - Up From 1,462 Recorded From The Same Time Period Last Year - A Rise Of Almost 40 Percent

Between January and Oct, 2,019 felony offenses were reported. This was almost 40% higher than the 1,462 crimes that were recorded in the same time frame last year.

Violent Crime In The Big Apple Has Soared By Nearly 30 Percent From Last Year

The Big Apple’s violent crime rate has increased by almost 30 percent over last year

Comparing crime rates to pre-pandemic levels is shocking, with subway murders at their highest level in 25 years.

It was precisely because of this violence on the transit network that Mayor Adams decided to send more police officers underground. New York State even paid overtime.

Despite Adam’s statements of progress and the figures ‘traveling Southbound’, shocking crimes still occur throughout, including several stabbings last Tuesday that left three victims.

A video released Monday shows a suspect robbing another passenger. 

Video That Was Released On Monday Shows A Suspect Stabbing And Robbing Another Passenger

Video released Monday shows the suspect stabbing and robbing another person

Surveillance Video Released By The Nypd Shows The Suspect, Wearing A Black Baseball Cap With White Lettering And A Black Jacket, Pulling On The Victim'S Backpack Before Snatching It

NYPD released surveillance video showing the suspect wearing a black baseball cap and black jacket with white lettering, pulling on victim’s backpack and then stealing it.

According to police, the 34-year-old victim was riding the F train approaching 34th Street–Herald Square station in Manhattan at about 10pm on November 22 when the suspect asked for a cigarette. 

The suspect attempted to steal the victim’s money after the victim began to smoke a cigarette. The struggle escalated onto the platform. 

NYPD released surveillance video showing the suspect wearing a black baseball cap and white lettering, as well as a black jacket. He also pulled on the victim’s backpack.

The fight moves beyond the frame of the camera. At that point, the suspect stabbed the victim in their torso. Finally, he grabbed their backpack and cash.

A separate incident occurred on Saturday when a 38 year-old woman was pushed onto tracks in Brooklyn. She was  rescued by a fellow straphanger. 

During His Campaign, Adams Had Promised Cut The Nypd'S Overtime Budget In Half Yet This Summer The Department Spent An Almost Record-Breaking $762 Million On Overtime In The Last Fiscal Year, Six Months Which Adams Was In Office For

Adams had pledged to reduce the NYPD’s overtime budget by half in his campaign. However, in the six months Adams was in office, overtime spending reached an all-time high of $762 million this summer.

However, the MTA maintains that there has been a decrease in incidents due to an increase of police officers. 

Aaron Donovan, spokesperson for MTA, said that the NYPD has been increasing the number of officers who are stationed on platforms and subway cars. This has led to a decrease in crime.

On Monday, NYPD officers received praises after being recognized. A homeless man fell on Harlem’s subway tracks.

Adams wasted no time in taking credit noting how the officers, Taufique Bokth and Brunel Victor were both on overtime shifts when they spotted the man falling into harms way. Adams has described it as his ‘omnipresence policing’ strategy.

Nypd Officers Were Being Praised After They Saved A Person Who Fell Onto The Subway Tracks

NYPD officers were given a standing ovation after saving the life of a man who fell on the subway tracks

Adam'S Has Hailed The Rescuing Of A Person Who Fell Onto The Subway Tracks As Part Of The 'Blue Wave'

Adam’s has celebrated the rescue of a person who fell on the subway tracks in the “blue wave”

Before the train arrived at the station, the officers were able pull the man onto the platform. Since then, the man has made a complete recovery. 

Adams said that Adams was proud of the way Adams and his colleagues jumped to Adams’ rescue, even at the risk of their lives. He continued, with two NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell, and other transit and police officers standing beside him. 

Adam said that the rescue was a testimony to the success and efficiency of the public security initiative he and New York State Governor Hochul initiated in October. It provided the money for 1,200 extra overtime shifts in New York’s subway system each day.

Two People Were Cut At The Union Square Subway Station Last Tuesday In A Violent Attack In New York City'S Transit System. Pictured: The Bloody Aftermath Of The Incident

Two people were killed in an attack on New York City’s transit system when they attacked the Union Square subway station. Pictured: The bloody aftermath 

The Nypd Said The Slasher Cut A Woman In Her Face At The Subway Station On 14 Street, And When A Man Rushed To Her Aid, He Was Cut Repeatedly In The Back Of The Head

According to the NYPD the slasher had bitten a woman on the 14 Street subway station. When a man ran to help, he was repeatedly cut in the head. 

The Suspect Then Fled The Bloody Scene And Has Yet To Be Arrested

The suspect fled the scene, and has not been arrested. 

He said, “We’re on track, we’re heading in the right direction,” ‘We’re moving southbound on crime. 

Adams had pledged to reduce the NYPD’s overtime budget by half in his campaign. However, in this fiscal year Adams was in office, overtime spending reached an all-time high of $762 million.

Pat Lynch, president, Police Benevolent Association used Victor and Bokth’s heroisms to push for higher pay for police officers. 

Pat Lynch, the NYPD union boss, stated Monday that they were overworked, underpaid and just like all New York City officers. 

They deserve a competitive salary to reverse the current staffing crisis in NYPD. The police will quit in droves despite all the press conferences and mayoral proclamations. If the city does not immediately address our brutal work schedule and low pay, there might not be any police officers available to assist New Yorkers in need in the subway. 

The number homeless men You can wander the subway stations Since the COVID-19 pandemic, it has risen dramatically.

Adams had a plan to discourage homeless people from using the subway system. However, this issue is not being addressed and commuters are still harassed and made uncomfortable.

2021 witnessed more subway attacks than any year before. This is even more than in the 1980s when the crime-ridden city was called ‘Fear City’. 

Adams still hasn’t been able to address the issue, both on its streets as well as below them, almost one year after he assumed office.

With less than two months left in the year, the current murder rate is already higher that the annual averages since 2011, before the outbreak of the pandemic, which caused the killings to spike.

The ever-increasing total crime rate shows that the city has yet to recover from this wave of crime.

The violent crime surge is causing NYPD officers to leave the department at an unprecedented rate, prompting officials and frustrated citizens to call on the mayor for his promise to keep his word.

But, Adams has remained confident that he can address the crime – which was spurred by the pandemic and recent soft-on-crime policies implemented by woke DAs such as Alvin Bragg, who have sought to find alternatives to incarceration.

He stated that ‘We are going turn around this city’ in response to the rising crime rate earlier this month.

However, a recent poll showed that Big Apple residents are tired of waiting for the mayor. His approval ratings have dropped to a new low. 

A Spectrum News NY1/Siena College poll found that 70% of New Yorkers feel less protected than before the coronavirus epidemic. A further 76% of respondents said they were afraid of being a victim of violent crime. 

The City'S Transit System Has Seen A Surge In Violent Crime, Pushing Officials To Add More Officers On The Subway Cars. Pictured: Two Men Fighting Inside A Subway Car In A Recent Instance Of Felony Assault, Which Is Up Nearly 14 Percent From Last Year

Officials have increased the number of officers in subway cars to combat violent crime. Two men fighting in a subway car during a recent incident of felony attack, up almost 14 percent from last. 

How does Adams’s subway safety program for NYC look?

The mayor’s plan details how the Adams administration, along with the MTA, and other state entities will face these concurrent challenges in New York City’s subway system. New Yorkers will benefit from investments in people, which will immediately provide support and protection. While investments in drop-in centers, safe havens and stabilization beds, as well as Street Homeless Outreach Wellness vans and policy changes at the local, state and federal levels, will provide medium- to long-term solutions, investments in places such as drop-ins, safe harbors, stabilization bed, and stabilization beds will help provide short- and long-term solutions. These include:

  • Up to 30 Joint Response Teams will be deployed. These teams include DHS, NYPD and the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.
  • NYPD officers are trained in training to enforce the MTA/New York City Transit Authority’s rules in a fair-and transparent manner.
  • Expanding Behavioral Health Emergency Assistance Response Division B-HEARD’ teams to six additional precincts. This will more than double the number of precincts that are covered to 11. These teams will continue the success of the pilot program that answers non-violent 911 mental healthcare calls with mental professionals.
  • Integrating medical services into DHS sites that serve individuals who are experiencing unsheltered homelessness. DHS Safe Havens expanded and stabilization beds programs will provide on-site behavioral and physical health care to address client’s immediate needs
  • Improve coordination between government agencies immediately with weekly meetings of the ‘Enhanced Outreach Taskforce’ that bring together top leaders from 13 cities and states to quickly address issues
  • To provide an immediate pathway to indoors for individuals, we are creating Drop-in Centers and exploring the possibility of placing Drop-in Centers close to subway stations. This will allow individuals to be moved from trains and platforms into safe spaces.
  • Streamlining the process of placing a person in supportive housing and reducing paperwork required to prove eligibility
  • Calling for the expansion of psychiatric beds resources and amending Kendra’s Law to improve mental healthcare delivery for New Yorkers in Assisted Outpatient Therapy
  • Requiring — instead of requesting — everyone to leave the train and the station at the end of the line

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