Nvidia warns that the major GPU shortage will persist in 2021


If you were hoping to pick up a new RTX 30-series GPU in the coming months, Nvidia warns of supply shortages for the remainder of 2021. “We expect demand to continue to outpace supply for most of this year,” said Colette Kress , Nvidia CFO, at one investors call earlier this week

That means that the difficulties of finding a new 30-series GPU are likely to continue, possibly in 2022. Nvidia previously warned that stocks are “likely to remain lean” during the fiscal first quarter, and as we approach that milestone (end of April). ) it is clear that supply has not improved significantly to meet demand.

TSMC and Intel both warn that chip delivery issues could last until 2022. The global shortage of chips has forced some automakers to cut back on production, and consumers have found it nearly impossible to find new graphics cards, CPUs, PS5s and Xboxes.

Nvidia notes that despite the issues, supply should still increase as 2021 progresses. “We will see supply continue to increase this quarter and throughout the year,” said Kress. Regardless, it will still be difficult to find a new GPU when you have to compete with fellow gamers, cryptominers, and scalpers who have real GPU pricing out of control.