NVIDIA Rips Higher in Stock Split. Former NYSE trader says buy it.

Veteran trader David Green pointed to the power of NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ: NVDA) Monday morning. The stock opened $10 lower Monday morning, but quickly ripped 6% higher in the first 90 minutes of trading. The stock will undergo a 4-for-1 stock split on Tuesday morning.

David Green, host of Live Trading With David Green on Benzinga, pointed out the strong trend in NVIDIA’s stock during Monday’s show.

“I want to be NVIDIA for a long time,” said Green. “We’ll get a lot of action once we get the win out.”

Live Trading with David Green is a morning fair in which David trades the open live on Benzinga. The show airs Monday through Wednesday at 9:25 a.m. ET on BenzingaTV.

Shares discussed on the show

Green also discussed GameStop Corp (NYSE: GME), saying he was unwilling to short the stock at current levels.

“It seems like a better buy than a sell at this point,” Green said.

Green also said he was tall Roblox Corp (NYSE: RBLX), who said the stock was difficult to trade but liked at its current level (about $75 a share). Plus, Green explained that he was tall Virgin Galactic Holding Inc (NYSE: SPCE), through sales of puts.

“SPCE fell right to our pivot levels at $27.60. I’d be fine with owning stock at that price, so we sold puts at that level,” Green said.

Green usually executes fast day trades, both on the long and short side. When a stock hits one of its pivots, it initiates a buy order with a tight stop loss.

Watch the full episode in the clip below, or click here to watch.

About the show:

Benzinga’s Wall Street Global Trading Academy follows Wall Street veteran David Green as he trades live on the open market, breaking down what he trades today. The show streams live Monday through Wednesday at 9:25 a.m. ET on Youtube of Benzinga, Twitter, and twitch.

About the host

David Green is a 30-year veteran of Wall Street, of which 13 years as a specialist on the New York trading floor. Since retiring, Green has devoted his time to helping retailers. Green, together with fellow floor trader Peter Tuchman, built a full-fledged trading course, Wallstreet Global Trading Academy. For more information about the course, click here or follow up facebook.

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