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NT Police Senior Sergeant Patrick Carson denies raping 19-year-old woman in Darwin

A teenager who accused a police officer of rape consented to sex with the officer, a Northern Territory court has heard.

Senior Sergeant Patrick Carson, 39, has pleaded not guilty to raping the woman, then 19, twice in Darwin in 2020.

The Crown says the married officer abused his father figure position to take advantage of a vulnerable young woman, who had only recently arrived at the Top End.

But Mr. Carson’s attorney, Mary Chalmers, told the jury Tuesday that the evidence showed the woman had consented to Mr. Carson’s sexual advances and conduct.

Even on her police account on August 25, she says ‘OK, OK, OK’. She will pass this on to the keeper,” Ms Chalmers said during her closing speech to the Supreme Court in Darwin.

“When Mr. Carson says to her, ‘Is this okay?’ or “is this okay?” she says, and it is during the police interrogation that she nods her head.’

NT Senior Sergeant Patrick Carson (left), 39, pleaded not guilty to raping a 19-year-old woman twice in 2020

NT Senior Sergeant Patrick Carson (left), 39, pleaded not guilty to raping a 19-year-old woman twice in 2020

Ms Chalmers said that even if the jury accepted the woman’s version of events that “she didn’t feel like doing these things,” it could not be established beyond reasonable doubt that Carson knew this or was criminally reckless because the woman said “OK.” OKAY OKAY’.

She said the woman’s evidence was “inaccurate and meaningless.”

“There’s no way that if that woman had gone through the ordeal she describes in her police interrogation, which I might remind you, means she’s frozen in fear and has taken off all her clothes, without her consent and (raped) ). ..she would describe that in a text message to her boyfriend that same afternoon, saying “maybe it was just an accident,” Ms Chalmers said.

Carson's attorney (above) told the jury that evidence showed the woman had consented to the officer's advances

Carson’s attorney (above) told the jury that evidence showed the woman had consented to the officer’s advances

The court, which was closed to the public for most of the 10-day trial, heard earlier that Mr. Carson and the woman developed an intense relationship over several months after meeting in an exercise group.

The woman “felt loved and important and special” and Mr. Carson was able to control aspects of her life and eventually abuse her sexually, prosecutor Marty Aust said in his opening statement.

It led to the couple being alone in the house Carson shared with his wife and children, where he allegedly raped the woman after the duo massaged each other on his patio.

The second alleged attack took place about six weeks later on a sofa at a mutual friend’s home, where Mr. Carson is accused of forcibly touching the woman.

The alleged victim's lawyers accused Carson (above) of choosing the

The alleged victim’s lawyers accused Carson (above) of choosing the “perfect prey” and abusing the father figure role he played in her life

Ms Chalmers reminded the jury that the woman continued her relationship with Mr Carson after the alleged rapes.

“Nobody goes to the gym the next day with the rapist. No one stays in a secret conversation with their rapist. No one keeps sending them hearts of love. It really doesn’t last,” she said.

“Honestly, you can’t trust a word from this woman. It really isn’t right.’

Previously, Mr Aust said Mr Carson had “cared for a teenage girl described as shy, low in self-confidence, socially inadequate, immature with few friends, who has difficulty making good decisions in stressful situations.”

“She was the perfect prey for Mr. Carson,” he said in his closing remarks.

The trial continues with Judge Stephen Southwood informing the jury before it begins deliberating.

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