NSW Food Authority publishes ANOTHER memory of eggs due to salmonella growth

BREAKING: urgent recall is issued on one of Australia's most popular egg brands over pollution fears in the FOURTH salmonella fright in just one month

The authorities have issued another recall of eggs for fear of salmonella contamination – a fourth shock in just one month.

Steve & # 39; s Fresh Farm Eggs announced Tuesday the recall of Fresh Eggs From My Farm being sold at butchers and independent stores throughout NSW.

The affected products include free range free range eggs and cages with dates up to 6 May.

The NSW Food Authority has warned that consuming salmonella causes diseases that can be caused by food and urged shoppers to purchase the eggs to return them for a full refund.

The recall comes almost weeks after the eggs sold at IGA and the bakeries in NSW were recalled due to the fear of salmonella.

Earlier this month, Southern Highland Organic Eggs were removed from the shelves by Synergy Produce due to potential microbial contamination.