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NSW Election 2023: Interactive Sausage Map Helps Voters Satisfy Hunger While Visiting Polling Booths


The ‘sausage map’ helping voters satisfy their hunger while doing their democratic duty in NSW polling booths

  • The Democracy Sausage website offers an interactive map
  • Help NSW voters satisfy hunger while they vote
  • 397 sausage sizzling voting booths on the map so far

Barbecues light up as New South Wales voters head to the polls for the 2023 state election.

Voting booths across the state opened at 8 am Saturday and millions of people are expected to cast their ballots.

Regardless of how residents choose who will get their vote, there is one thing that unites everyone on Election Day and that is a sausage.

And to ensure that no one leaves empty-handed, a website has been set up to identify where democracy sausages are offered.

Democracy Sausage website offers an interactive map to help voters find sausages at polling booths in NSW elections

Millions of NSW voters will head to the polls before grabbing a sausage at polling booth barbecues

Millions of NSW voters will head to the polls before grabbing a sausage at polling booth barbecues

He Democracy sausage website on an interactive map showing all polling booth locations in NSW, with icons showing where sausages and pies are available.

The website collects real-time data from Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Voters can use the hashtag #democracysausage or send a direct message to the site to help track food availability.

On Saturday morning there were 397 sausage-sizzling voting booths available, most of which were in eastern Sydney.

Some schools have added their own twist to the food offerings in their boxes.

Burwood Public School is serving barbecue chicken and pork buns, har gow (prawn dumplings) and siu mai (pork and prawn dumplings), as well as lychee drinks and lemon tea.

While at Summer Hill Public School, the cake stand offers a selection of sweets with tongue-in-cheek jokes targeting state politicians.

Among them is a ‘Chris pepper-Minns crunch slice’, ‘Barilaro’s big apple crumble’ or ‘Jo Haylen happy face biscuit’.

More than a million people have already voted after early voting opened a week ago.

Dominic Perrottet, who became prime minister 18 months ago after the resignation of Gladys Berejiklian, hopes to defy the odds and lead the Liberal-National coalition to a record fourth term.

But Chris Minns of the Labor Party is likely to be NSW’s next prime minister with The Australian Newspoll published on Saturday pointing to Labor securing a narrow majority government.

The coalition government has 45 seats: 33 for the Liberals and 12 for the Nationals, Labor 36, the Greens three, while there are nine independents, including two former Liberal MPs.

Labor went into Saturday’s election needing to win at least nine seats to reclaim the government.

But Newspoll’s preferred two-party result of 54.5-45.5 represents a 6.5 per cent swing against the Coalition, which would give Labor up to 10 extra seats.

That would give Labor all 47 seats for a majority without the support of the main caucus, but it is doubtful that there will be an even swing.

In another boost for Labour, Minns gained a two-point lead as preferred prime minister over Perrottet for the first time in this Newspoll.

Minns, who was relatively unknown before the campaign, scored a major victory in the final campaign debate on Wednesday, when he and Perrottet went head-to-head on the Sky News/The Daily Telegraph People’s Forum.

Of 100 undecided voters, 48 ​​said they had been influenced to vote Opposition, 32 chose the Coalition, and 20 remained undecided.

Both leaders were campaigning hard until the end of Friday.

Voting on Saturday closes at 6pm. The count will begin immediately and end at 10:30 pm and resume on Monday.

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