NRL Grand Final: Fans Smoke On $400 Single Ticket To Penrith v Parramatta

What you get for a $400 one-way ticket and a $480 family pass to the NRL’s grand finale: Fans complain about how far back their seats are – but some people think they got their money’s worth

  • NRL fans have complained of not getting their money’s worth at the grand final
  • A supporter said she paid $400 but sat too far back at Accor Stadium
  • Another said he paid $480 for a family pass and was behind the fence
  • However, some Twitter users said not to complain about the prices







It’s the event that crowds of fans dream of, but some supporters have reacted furiously at the price of tickets to tonight’s big NRL final amid claims they’re not getting their money’s worth.

Penrith aspires to become only the second club in NRL history to register successive premierships when they face Parramatta at Accor Stadium, who are themselves looking to end their 36-year drought in the premiership.

There is plenty at stake for both sides tonight and it should come as no surprise that tickets to the final at the 83,500-capacity Accor Stadium sold out quickly, but some fans were disappointed when they arrived at the venue.

A Penrith fan complained about the view she got from a $400 one-way ticket to the NRL’s grand finale

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Another was far from pleased with the view he got for a $480 family ticket in Sydney

However, some fans said not to complain and they did get their money’s worth

A Penrith fan was stunned that she would watch the game from the second floor of the stadium, despite paying $400 for her ticket.

“How’s a $400 ticket all the way here?” she asked on Twitter. ‘Brought [sic] mine at the start of the final and this is the best we could get’.

Another posted their view from behind the goal with the caption, “$480 for a family ticket,” clearly not happy with where they were.

Penrith aims to win back to back premierships for the second time in NRL history

The posts sparked a lot of discussion on the social media platform, with one fan adding, “I don’t remember paying that much in 2019, 2018, 2013, 2010 or 2000. That seems a bit ridiculous.”

However, there was no broad agreement on ticket prices, with some suggesting that the incredulous fans had nothing to complain about.

“You’re not seriously complaining about that view, when you knew exactly where your tickets would be and you consciously chose to spend so much money on those tickets?” said one Twitter user. “Looks good to me.”

A second said: ‘I would pay that in full and would be happy if my team was in the comp. Great view of the whole stadium. Enjoying!’


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