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NPC Streaming Might Be the Most Confusing TikTok Trend Yet


NPC streaming is a new TikTok trend that is taking the US TikTok user base by storm. It involves people sending TikTok stickers to make their animations. As a result, online influencers are acting like non-playable characters in video games, hence the trend’s name. In response, people had mixed feelings about it.

The Internet connects everyone around the world, mixing many conflicting points of view and values. Inevitably, these interactions will produce weird trends like NPC broadcasting. Most people are connected to the Internet today, so these trends will eventually affect their lives.

You need to understand its potential impact on yours. This article will discuss the NPC streaming TikTok trend and how people reacted to it online. Then I’ll cover how TikTok LIVE works to further explain this phenomenon.

How did the NPC stream start?

According to the Know Your Meme website, last year’s TikTok trend, February 4, 2022. Two Japanese content creators, Satoyu0704 and Natuecoco, posted a video where they posed as NPCs and fought for prizes.

Natuecoco continued his NPC act when more viewers referred to it as such. Later, the NPC streaming trend spread to the West, inspiring Canadian TikToker Pinkydoll and American influencer Cherry Crush.

On April 7, 2023, the former posted her NPC stream on YouTube, garnering over 27,000 views in three months. Later, the Quebec-based influencer popped up when she posted a streaming video of NPC cooking popcorn with a hair straightener.

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Meanwhile, Cherry Crush introduces herself as “your very own AI Tamagotchi”. A Tamagotchi is a digital pet simulator that was popular in the 1990s. Unlike a Pinkydoll, she usually dresses up as a goblin from fantasy movies.

They both intentionally act without thought or personality, much like background characters in video games like Final Fantasy. Viewers would then submit stickers and make their sounds.

For example, they will say, “Ice cream, that’s great,” and will do a licking motion if they receive an ice cream sticker. Today NPC streaming is a growing online trend.

How did people react?

The trend garnered mixed reactions from viewers online. According distractjournalist and comedian Meridith Dietz posted a reaction on TikTok.

“A lot of people have something of a ‘control fetish,’ and that drives them to donate in exchange for feeling like they’re controlling this real human being like their own personal video game character,” Dietz said.

She added: “So that’s potentially dehumanizing to the creator? Sure, but isn’t it dehumanizing to work, like any corporate job? There’s just a market for everything.”

Others responded with equally baffling memes. For example, Twitter user Silverhand posted these words over a photo of a well-dressed man in a movie theater:

“Gang of gangs.”
“Yes Yes Yes”
“Mm ice cream so good”
“Mm ice cream so good”
“Yes Yes Yes”
“Yes Yes Yes”
“Mm ice cream so good”
“kill hahaha”
“Thank you Lopez”
“gang of gangs”
“Yes Yes Yes”
“Mm ice cream so good”

Pinkydoll says these words while receiving TikTok stickers. Also, another user named God’s Child said, “I’ve never been more confused in my entire life, dude.”

Others applauded his creative online hustle. Twitter user kemimarie wrote: “Oh y’all uploaded it. Her LIVEs are hitting between 20k and 50k now.” That’s a lot of money, bro. Congratulations to her!! We love to see it!!!!! Grab your bag, sister. Turns out the ice cream is so good.”

How does streaming NPC make money?

Photo credit: bark.us

You may disapprove of acting like a robot on camera for money. However, it allows these content creators to earn significant income with seemingly low effort.

Stickers not only encourage influencers to repeat phrases and animations. TikTok LIVE allows online viewers to donate money by sharing these images. Is that how it works:

  1. Fans buy TikTok coins with real money.
  2. Then, they spend the first one on stickers.
  3. They then share the icons with their favorite streamers.
  4. Content creators then convert their accumulated stickers into real money.

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I can’t discuss all the stickers because there are so many. The most expensive though, the TikTok LIVE logo, costs 34,999 coins or over $500!


NPC streaming might be TikTok’s weird trend yet. These are people who act like non-playable game characters by repeating phrases for stickers.

Later, they convert these stickers into real money. As a result, this trend allows content creators to earn money in creative and unique ways quickly.

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