<pre><pre>Now that AT&T TV Now is the name for DirecTV Now, you are free to be confused

AT&T has issued one press release to let you know the following facts: the company plans to "run a whole new connected TV experience without the need for satellite", called AT&T TV. It will actually be a TV streaming service, but it will only be & # 39; in selected markets & # 39; tested.

But AT&T already offers a TV streaming service called DirecTV Now, which is now called AT&T TV Now, which is different from the upcoming AT&T TV. But don't worry, because when you sign up for the upcoming AT&T TV app, it will find out whether you have AT&T TV or just AT&T TV. CordCutters reports that AT&T is trying out AT&T TV as a service that "contains a separate piece of hardware that uses the same data as AT&T TV Now".

Do you have all that? You probably don't have to do this yet, because the essence is that if you are currently a client of DirecTV Now, you will soon now] see the AT&T TV Now logo instead of the DirecTV Now logo. AT&T also says: "Our DIRECTV NOW subscribers simply have to accept the terms of service again", and we are sure that it does not include gotcha & # 39; s.

Let's try again, in bullet:

  • DirecTV Now is renamed AT&T TV Now
  • AT&T TV, a separate streaming TV service, is coming soon
  • A single app called AT&T TV will be how users get access to both services

AT&T has made a handy GIF here that explains everything:

Image: AT&T

If you are now a DirecTV Now user, you should know that your DirecTV Now app will soon be an AT&T TV app – but not an AT&T TV Now app – that will allow you to continue to access your DirecTV Now service, which is now AT&T TV now. If you are not a DirecTV Now customer now, you can sign up for AT&T TV Now one day. AT&T promises that it will "share more details about this rollout when it starts", meaning that it is not happening yet … not yet.

Although you were once a DirecTV Now customer, you may not be that anymore: in March, AT&T radically revised the service to include HBO and exclude a number of channels that AT&T happens to own – increasing prices in the process . Doesn't that sound like a deal now?

In the press release no mention was made of HBO Max, the other streaming television service from WarnerMedia that is owned by AT & T and that will start in the spring of 2020, which will not confuse anyone with AT&T TV or AT&T TV Now. No mention was made of Verge TV, a name that AT&T tried to mark earlier this year, much to our annoyance.

No mention was made of it either AT&T WatchTV, which & # 39; 35+ channels with live TV & # 39; offers for $ 15 a month – it is included for free in some AT&T unlimited data plans – and is now available. As far as we know it is not the same as AT&T TV, AT&T TV Now, DirecTV, DirecTV Now, Max Go, HBO Now, HBO Go or HBO Max.

Now it will be fine: AT&T streaming TV services will continue to launch and / or rebrand until it improves morale.