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Now Dollar General will make same day deliveries through DoorDash

In addition to its European expansion, DoorDash is reaching new territories within the United States through an expanded collaboration with Dollar General already available at 9,000 locations. Gig economy services initially proliferated in urban areas, using venture capital to increase the convenience of having everything from cold medicine to a single candy bar delivered by hand within the hour. However, if you don’t live near high-rise buildings, the services will become less and less, and so will the shops that work with them.

Now the two promise same day delivery with no time slot or minimum order size. A pilot program began this summer with 600 Dollar General locations, and a press release states that more than 10,000 will appear in DoorDash listings by December.

The arrangement highlights many realities of American life, both pre- and peri-pandemic. For some people, it could provide access and independence otherwise unavailable because they live somewhere without Instacart or a fleet of electric Ubers.

It also brings together the workers who have been under the most pressure in the past two years. Employees of the dollar store and couriers have often had to deal with low wages, risky conditions, lack of sick leave or health insurance and a tense customer base despite being considered ‘essential’. Now they will work together to provide on-demand deliveries (within an hour on average) in some areas that have not yet lived with the services.

And even if the partnership works perfectly for DoorDash, Dollar General, customers, and the people who deliver everything from a pack of Skittles to fresh groceries, their competition will have to deal with it. Reports of recent years from The New York Times and Slate reflect how independent discount stores and supermarkets can struggle to compete with or operate in areas where dollar stores are opening. Dollar General sees itself as a solution for food and health deserts, but closing other stores could further impact local economies and access to healthy options.

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