Notorious wannabe gangster who kidnapped her ‘friend’ collapses in court

One of two young would-be gangsters who admitted to kidnapping her friend, stabbing her and throwing her in the boot of her own car told a court she is “disgusted” by his behavior before admitting she still has a drug problem.

In a case that rocked a small town on the outskirts of Sydney, 24-year-old Nisha Phillips was found in the boot of her own Holden Commodore on the Hume Highway in Berrima on February 3, 2021, while the pregnant teen Latia Henderson and Kayley Lee Ketley were arrested. .

For more than 12 hours before a dramatic police intervention, Henderson, then 18, and Ketley, then 24, had tortured the victim.

The accused couple loved flashy cars, gangster talk and rap music: Kayley ‘Kayza’ Ketley’s social media pages are full of pictures of guns, girls, ‘gangsta’ jewelry and rap lyrics like ‘murda’ is my bizness’.

Latia ‘Tia’ Henderson’s is lined with cars, bikes and tributes to her murdered teenage lover, Brayden Dillon, shot dead at age 15 in his sleep by a Brothers 4 Life gang member in an alleged revenge killing.

Earlier this year, both women pleaded guilty to the kidnapping.

Latia Henderson (pictured) pleaded guilty to her role in the horror kidnapping

Both women appeared in Campbelltown District Court for sentencing on Thursday: Ketley in her green prison garb sitting on the bench, while Henderson in a green dress sat at the back of the courtroom.

Henderson, who was released on Supreme Court bail just weeks before giving birth to her son in August last year, pleaded guilty to one count of taking and driving a conveyance and taking/detaining in company with the intent to commit a serious indictable offense resulting in actual bodily injury. to damage.

The 20-year-old also pleaded guilty to a related charge of driving without a license and had two other charges dismissed.

Meanwhile, Ketley, 26, who remains behind bars, pleaded guilty to two counts of taking and driving a vehicle without the owner’s consent, kidnapping with company with a serious and indictable motive, recklessly wounding, and causing grievous bodily harm. to a person with intention.

Ketley pleaded guilty to one additional count of possession of a prohibited drug and had six charges dropped.

During a sentencing hearing Thursday, Henderson tearfully told the court that she was “absolutely disgusted with myself.”

“I am extremely sorry for the victim, he did not deserve it,” she said.

Kayley Ketley (Pictured) Also Pleaded Guilty. Image: Facebook

Kayley Ketley (pictured) also pleaded guilty. Image: Facebook

She gave the reasons behind her offense, including that she grew up in a “violent home at home.”

‘I used to leave the house and get drunk. I would go to town and take it out on anyone,” she said through tears.

Henderson told the court that her stepfather, who was bikie, used to physically abuse her mother and herself.

As a result, Henderson told the court that he often left the house and turned to alcohol and drugs, including ice and GBH.

She admitted that she still has a drug problem and told the court that she used ice on Wednesday but wants to change her life.

“I want to be a better person and I want a good life for my son, I want to change,” she said.

Henderson’s grandmother, Jacqueline Francisco, told the court that her granddaughter was a “lovely little girl but has problems like most teenagers.”

Ketley’s mother, Sandra Anne Mulawa, also took the witness stand to tell the court that her daughter was “a bit disturbed” growing up.

Henderson (Pictured) Cried As She Testified In Court, Saying She Was Disgusted With Herself.

Henderson (pictured) cried as she testified in court, saying she was disgusted with herself.

She would later discover that the anger was a pent-up response to being raped by her stepfather and adoptive grandfather.

Footage was played on the pitch showing Henderson and Ketley taking videos and singing while Ms. Phillips was in the boot.

Ketley’s defense attorney, Linda McSpedden, told the court that the 26-year-old had serious mental health issues that should be factored into sentencing.

“She was still very young at the time of the crime and is in need of long-term mental health care,” he said.

Henderson’s defense attorney, John Peluso, said the court needed to take into account the remorse the young woman displayed in court Thursday.

“His attitude in court here, there is hope,” he told the court.

“Latia Henderson lived in a very difficult life situation when she was 18 years old.”

Crown prosecutor Joel Diggins told the court that both women deserved to be arrested as they both stabbed Ms Phillips.

He said the victim was forced into the trunk around 7 am and it wasn’t until police intercepted the women at noon that the crime came to an end.

Diggins told the court that it would give His Honor “great concern” if Henderson confessed to using drugs as recently as this week.

Judge Jennifer English adjourned for trial on Wednesday.

Henderson was taken into custody and blew a kiss to her supporters before corrections officers took her to the dock.

Nisha Phillips (Pictured) Had Been Driving Latia Henderson And Kayley Lee Ketley Before She Was Abducted.

Nisha Phillips (pictured) had been driving Latia Henderson and Kayley Lee Ketley before she was abducted.


Court documents revealed that Henderson and Ketley were driven around by Ms. Phillips for most of the night on February 2 before planning to get high.

At around 3:24 a.m., the couple were in Ms. Phillips’ car when she sensed “tension” and asked Ketley, “Do we have a problem?”

According to court documents, Ketley became enraged and the couple fought to get past a McDonald’s, while Ms. Phillips said she wanted to pull off the road because she was tired.

The trio arrived at a Glenfield home at 3:47 am. Mrs. Phillips relaxed on the sofa as the others disappeared up the stairs.

Ketley returned with a knife and stabbed Phillips in the left knee and upper thigh, according to court documents.

“All you had to do was stop, all you had to do was stop,” Ketley said.


Mrs. Phillips froze in fear, but Ketley continued with her threats: ‘I’m going to make you squeal like a pig. I just need to let it all out. The last time this happened I was 4 and a half years old and this time it is not going to happen like that.

‘Today I’m going to kill you’.

Henderson (Pictured), Now 20, Was Released On Bail In August 2021 To Give Birth To Her Son

Henderson (pictured), now 20, was released on bail in August 2021 to give birth to her son

Ms. Phillips put pressure on her injuries and remained silent as Ketley took her car keys and phone. Henderson and Ketley went away for a while.

When they returned, Ketley said it was a “shame” the victim was still alive.

“I guess we’re going to have to drag this out now, hey, like I’m hoping you’ve given up,” Ketley said, according to court documents.

Ketley recovered another 12-inch long kitchen knife and forced Mrs. Phillips out of the house and into the trunk of her own Holden Commodore.

“Don’t make a scene or I’ll kill you right here,” Ketley threatened, holding the knife against Mrs. Phillips’s back.


Mrs. Phillips begged not to be hurt anymore. Ketley gritted his teeth and said “shut the fuck up and get in the fucking boot,” according to court documents.

“This is what happens to people who want to know why you don’t fuck with me,” Ketley said.

Mrs. Phillips lay terrified in the trunk with a shoelace as a makeshift tourniquet to control bleeding while Ketley drove.

At one point, Ketley and Henderson stopped and opened the trunk. Henderson took the knife and stabbed Ms. Phillips in her arms before walking away again, according to court documents.

Henderson (Pictured) Told The Court That He Still Had Drug Problems.

Henderson (pictured) told the court that he still had drug problems.


Henderson drove south on the Hume Highway, her phone searching for directions to Belanglo State Forest.

Despite passing out multiple times, Ms. Phillips removed the left taillight and stuck her hand through the hole, waving at the cars to indicate she was in the trunk.

At around 11:30 a.m., motorists on the Hume Highway noticed the car was driving erratically and called the police.

A police officer driving an unmarked police car saw the hand and stopped the car near Berrima, about 6 km from the Belanglo turnoff.

When asked who was in the trunk, Henderson pretended he didn’t know anyone else was in the car.

Special Agent Brendan Quinn walked to the back of the car, leaned into the tail light and said ‘what’s your name, love?’ before folding the rear seats and finding the victim.

They were pressured again, with Henderson replying ‘I don’t know’ and Ketley saying ‘what the hell, bro’.

Ms. Phillips tearfully told police that she had been taken hostage.

The Duo Denied All Claims Against Them At First. In The Photo, Kayley Ketley

The duo denied all claims against them at first. In the photo, Kayley Ketley


She participated in a recorded interview and said that the disagreement in the car over the music led to the attack.

“She (Ketley) started verbally attacking me… threatening me… big talk,” Ms. Phillips said.

“It started climbing really fast… like it went from zero to 100 in a second.”

Ms. Phillips confessed to smoking ice after she was stabbed because it helped with pain, according to court documents.

Ketley denied stabbing Ms Phillips and said she had no idea she was in the car, but was told by another woman to pick up the Commodore from an Ambarvale parking lot and drive it to a rental place in Colo Vale.

Henderson partially admitted to the crimes, saying he knew Ms. Phillips was in the car, but did not know when she was stabbed.

She told police she wiped the blood off the back of the car with a kitchen towel, saying it was a “iffy” situation.

Henderson also confessed to police that she was 12 weeks pregnant but took Xanax and ice at one of the houses, according to police documents.

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