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Notorious Phoenix dog shelter mistakenly euthanizes THIRD dog in three months


Huskies have been mistakenly killed at a dog shelter in Arizona – the center’s third wrongful killing in the past four months.

Moscato was put down last week after the rescuer sent an email to the wrong inbox, meaning the animal was not removed from euthanasia, or the online list at the Maricopa County Animal Shelter.

It comes just three months after the tragic death of a Rottweiler in January, before he was supposed to be rescued.

Another similar error occurred in December of last year at the Phoenix Shelter, according to it Arizona family.

“Your heart just fell to your stomach knowing there was a dog who deserved to be out but he didn’t,” said one volunteer who arrived at the center to pick up Moscato only to be told the shocking news.

Moscato the husky was put down last week after his rescuer sent an email to the wrong inbox

Dogs without a home in the county can be placed on the electronic list if they have behavioral or medical issues, which include struggling with the shelter environment.

Allison Nicolosi, co-founder of AZ Husky Rescue, was working to get a Moscato out of the shelter when the tragic accident happened, and she thought the Husky wasn’t on the list.

“She let us pet her, she was so sweet, you could see in her eyes she was just a scared dog,” she told the Arizona family.

She said she had been emailing back and forth with a worker at the Maricopa County Animal Shelter, and was planning to take in Moscato once she found a place for her.

The person she was talking to didn’t work the next day so instead of the email going to a different mailbox and being picked up, it was missed.

This means that no one saw the Husky withdrawn from the electronic roster.

When volunteer Emi Litcof went to pick up the animal, she was told it had been dropped off that morning.

She told the outlet, “Your heart just fell to your stomach knowing there was a dog that deserved to be let out but didn’t.”

The rescue organization says dogs should not be placed on this list, but rather put up for public adoption.

“She was very sweet, she was very scared in a shelter environment and had absolutely no aggressive tendencies,” said Letkoff.

“We’ve seen a lot of dogs that were a lot worse than they were and had a lot of potential to be a really good family dog,” added Nicolosi.

“We are deeply saddened by what happened,” a spokesperson for the Maricopa County Animal Shelter told the outlet.

They added that they are sending Moscato’s ashes to AZ Husky Rescue, and recruit behaviorists to work with dogs who struggle in the shelter environment.

On the county’s website, regarding the electronic list, she posted: ‘We don’t want to see animals suffer, and in her case, it’s not humane to put them in a shelter environment. Euthanasia is always the last resort.

A Rottweiler Siret was also accidentally put down in the center in January

A Rottweiler Siret was also accidentally put down in the center in January

Rescuers said that Moscato

Rescuers said Moscato had “no aggressive tendencies whatsoever” and was “extremely gentle.”

A spokesperson for the shelter said they were 'deeply saddened by what happened'.

A spokesperson for the shelter said they were ‘deeply saddened by what happened’.

A similar tragic incident occurred in January, when the rescue group was devastated to learn that 3-year-old Rottweiler Siret had been put to sleep before he was supposed to be rescued.

Shelly Froehlich, who runs Rotten Rottie Rescue, said she saw 3-year-old Siret on the MCACC’s euthanasia list because of behavioral issues and knew she had to save his life, she said. Arizona family.

He needed to get out of there; “It was a bad place for him,” she said.

A crew member on the veterinary team missed a crucial step and didn’t see that Rotten Rottie Rescue would have chosen Cerrit, said Kim Powell, a spokesperson for the shelter.

The rescue group was supposed to get Siret after he was neutered, unfortunately there was a note the vet didn’t see. They didn’t see that this dog was a foolproof pull. It is an irreversible mistake and the person responsible for it is someone else.

At the time, she admitted that it also happened in December, which resulted in the needless death of another dog.

“We’re now taking a deep look at what it is and how we can make sure that doesn’t happen again,” she said at the time.

A spokesperson for DailyMail.com said: “We also regret the loss of Moscato. We are very saddened by what happened.

Our partners at New Hope play a vital role in animal welfare by accepting dogs into their programs who are not approved and need to find an alternative outlet by a specified deadline. Once we receive confirmation that Hope’s new partner can accept the animal into their program, we begin the transfer process.

Unfortunately, in the case of Moscato, we had no confirmation of his transfer at the end of his term. Since then, we have been in touch with this New Hope partner and are grateful for their continued support as we navigate this situation together.

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