Noteworthy Tips to Enhance WordPress Website Speed in Mobile for Beginners

Enhance WordPress Website Speed in Mobile for Beginners


Your WordPress website is the right place for your target audience to browse for your products and services. Due to enhancing mobile phone users every year in the world mobile phone speed of websites is also a challenging thing for the company. A. WordPress Website is not good in functioning always until developers do not apply smart techniques to do this. Thus, here we are come with the noteworthy tips to enhance WordPress Website Speed in Mobile for Beginners that you want. WordPress is one of the ideal solutions for people in the modern world to design or develop an amazing website. Hence, you can also develop your website in WordPress with WordPress Ecommerce Solutions

Why Mobile Phone Speed of WordPress Website is Talk of the Town?

Today, you can’t ignore the presence of a higher number of potential clients on the mobile phone. There is no doubt that mobile phone users are higher than desktop or laptop users. Your plenty audience for your products and services is mainly available on the mobile phone and that’s why you need to check how your website is looking on the mobile phone. The mobile phone speed of the WordPress Website is the talk of the town for the developers and companies both because people never want to ignore the presence of higher speed usability of the website on a mobile phone. Sometimes, your website design, speed, and functionality are good on the desktop or laptop but not worthy on a mobile phone. If you don’t want to miss your target audience for selling your products and services on the mobile phone then you need to check the mobile phone usability of your website.

Check Every Single Element of Website (How Working on Phone)?

Testing is the part to check the Website Speed on Mobile Phone. This task can also be a developer when you Hire WordPress Developer. They can do testing on every single element or page of your website by browsing or scrolling the website. If testing is not done in the right manner then getting the information about the exact issue is quite difficult for you and that’s why you need to complete the task of testing in the right manner. Here are the Noteworthy Tips to enhance the speed of the WordPress Website.

1). Don’t Compromise with Premium Hosting Providers:

Sometimes, for saving money, people choose a cheap hosting service provider. This will cause major issues for them, when their website will be going down or under maintenance due to the hardware issue in the cheap shared hosting. Hence, don’t compromise with premium hosting providers if you want to run your website smoothly on WordPress or any other development framework.

2). A Light Weight WordPress Theme is Must:

WordPress Themes are available in an extensive range in many WordPress Theme Directories for people but you need to choose only a lightweight WordPress theme. Some themes look very eye catchy and appealing but when it comes to checking the speed and functionality of the themes, then we can say that not worthy of the good mobile phone speed.

The lightweight themes mainly encourage the enhanced WordPress Website Speed for Beginners.

3). Try to Reduce Image Size on Website for Speed:

Around 70% of WordPress Websites are facing speed issues just because of one single reason? The reason is the higher image size. If your website having plenty of big-size images then you may never able to get good usability of your website on both the web and mobile. Thus, you must try to reduce image size on the website for good speed on a mobile phone.

Check every single page or you can also optimize your website on different image optimization websites. This will help you to know why your website is being so heavy and contents take a higher time for loading. Most users make high-quality images for the superb look but you need to change the form of the page. You can also use the converter websites for images and convert all images in WEBP. Once you convert in WEBP then you can compress the size of all images at once on the image compressor websites.

4). Try to Use Fewer Plugins in WordPress Development:

Plugins are also the reason for the bad functionality of the lower speed of the WordPress Website. WordPress Plugins can give extensive options to design or develop a website. There is also a truth that a higher number of plugins also reduce the mobile-friendly speed of a website. This is the reason that you need to take a look at the list of all plugins in your theme. If some plugins are not essential then remove them and check the mobile phone speed of your WordPress Website. WordPress Development Services by the renowned company also ensure top-quality functionality of your website.

5). CDN is Awesome to Improve WordPress Website:

As a beginner, when you are not aware of some so-called technical reasons to improve the WordPress Website functionality. You can also use the different content delivery networks or CDN for making your website high-speed on both desktop and mobile. Many developers even don’t know about the features and definition of CDN. This function allows to access users to your content with the location setting function as well.

Final Words: 

Thus, we can say that good speed of your WordPress Website is good for your target audience. When you don’t want to mess your user’s experience on the website then usability of the users on both desktop and mobile is important for you. These are the noteworthy tips to enhance WordPress Website Speed for Beginners. You can also use these tips to make sure your WordPress Website functionality and smoothness at the highest satisfaction level of user browsing. Your Website Speed is the most crucial aspect for you that you can’t ignore when you want to improve the user’s experience on your website.