Note: there is a new web code exploit that can crash your iPhone

<pre><pre>Note: there is a new web code exploit that can crash your iPhone

You should always be on guard for links sent via email and social media – even if they seem to come from a trusted source – but it's worth it to be particularly suspicious this weekend: iOS security researcher Sabri Haddouche has just discovered a new block of webcodes that can crash and restart an unsuspecting iPhone.

The carefully configured CSS code can use up all sources of a device, causing the core of the operating system to panic and shut down in the interest of self-preservation, TechCrunch reports. It seems to work on both iOS 11 and the iOS 12 beta.

However, there is no way to actually use malicious code using the exploit, so you will not find any of your apps or data that have been compromised as a result of visiting one of these web pages. However, you might notice that your iPhone crashes immediately after you open what appeared to be a harmless web link sent by one of your contacts.

Do not panic

You can examine the source code of the exploit yourself if you know your CSS and want to see exactly how the trick is executed. It only seems to affect Safari on iOS, so other browsers and browsers on Android smartphones are safe for now.

Apple did not comment on the bug at the time of writing, but we will update our article here if there is a response. Probably a solution will be rolled out as part of a small IOS update in the not-too-distant future – the complete public release of iOS 12 will be rolled out on Monday 17 September, but a repair job for this problem should wait for a future update.

It does not worry you too much, but it's something to watch out for when using an iPhone. If you really want to see how the code can take your device down with a little kernel panic, follow the link in the original tweet by Sabri Haddouche. here… but you do this at your own risk.