Norwegian mosque shooter allegedly posted on 8chan before attack

A week after a shooter killed 22 people in El Paso, Texas, another allegedly streamed an attack on a mosque in Oslo, Norway and posted his intention to hate forum 8chan.


Worshipers told Budstikka (via the BBC), that the man provided the mosque with a & # 39; helmet and uniform & # 39; entered and was overwhelmed. One person is described as injured, although it is not clear what the cause of the injuries was. Local police have identified the man as a Norwegian man and say they "have information that he has been online". The edge was able to find the suspect's account on Facebook before it was removed from the platform.

According to screenshots from 8chan post, the shooter referred to the Christchurch, New Zealand shooter, and tried to stream the attack live on Facebook, but this was not possible.

After the New Zealand attack, Facebook and YouTube were forced to remove millions of copies of the shooter's video and Facebook implemented new restrictions on who would be allowed to place live video on the platform. The company said it would apply a "one-strike" policy for users who violate community standards. It is not immediately clear whether these restrictions have prevented today's shooter from streaming the incident, and Facebook has not immediately responded to multiple requests for comment.

The attack marks the last incident in which a white supremacist posted his intentions at 8chan. Last week the El Paso shooter placed a manifesto on the forum prior to its attack, other shooters follow in New Zealand and Poway, California. Due to last week's attack, the forum was intensively investigated for its role as an incubator for white supremacists. It saw its web and DDoS mitigation service be turned off, causing the website to be dismantled quickly. The site has also been researched in the Philippines, where the owner, Jim Watkins, lives.

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