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Northern Beaches Sydney real estate agent’s humiliating text message to tenant about end of lease


Cat hair and cracked toilet seats: Read a nitpicking real estate agent’s ‘humiliating’ text message to a tenant during end-of-tenancy inspection

  • The latest inspection of the tenant’s nightmare in Sydney
  • Cleaners hired by tenants rejected by estate agent

Two tenants trying to finalize their leases were stunned after experiencing “bullying” and “humiliation” from a property manager while discussing final eviction arrangements.

The pair posted anonymously on a social media page for locals in Northern Beaches, Sydney’s northeast, claiming that their estate agent was overwhelmingly critical of their home’s latest inspection on May 9.

At one such moment recounted in the post, the property manager told the female tenant that “you let your husband do your job of cleaning the toilet and your friend did the same for you.”

“We were all speechless when we heard it,” her husband wrote on the Facebook page.

His wife confronted the officer, who said he “didn’t have time to handle this.”

The caretaker shared a photo of his sock to claim that cat hair was “all over” the house

Two tenants trying to finalize their lease were stunned by 'bullying' and 'humiliation' from a property manager as they discussed final eviction arrangements

Two tenants trying to finalize their lease were stunned by ‘bullying’ and ‘humiliation’ from a property manager as they discussed final eviction arrangements

The agent also attacked the highly regarded carpet cleaning company the tenants had selected for a steam cleaning and fumigation at the end of the lease, claiming the work “sucks.”

He claimed that the cleaners did a poor job and were not professional.

The property manager “continued to nitpick about other things, like a speck of dust,” claiming his own health was at risk due to the state of the house.

‘[He] claimed he couldn’t breathe and thought he had allergies.’

He played hardball with the pair at almost every point.

“The property needs to be vacuumed again, we can still find cat hair almost everywhere,” he wrote in a text, even sharing a photo of his own sock that he thought was covered in cat fur.

The agency also claimed that the pair had to replace a broken toilet seat.

On Facebook, where the couple initially asked for advice on how to deal with the “nitpicking” agent, the discussion led to many passionate reactions.

A man urged the couple to give the agency “name and shame.”

They plan to do that once they resolve several issues with the brokerage firm.

Several recommended that they submit their bond return applications through the Tenancy Board, not the agency.

One woman wrote that the couple wasn’t the only one having problems with a real estate agency.

“I don’t think anyone has had a pleasant experience with a real estate agent after moving,” she said.

“They will always try to take as much money from you as possible. Don’t give up and fight.’

Another man claimed that keeping pets in the house full-time would always have consequences.

‘Dogs and cats belong outside anyway, not inside. So you think the new tenant should inhale your cats’ hair?’

Not everyone agreed.

What a ridiculous and irresponsible comment. Outdoor cats are causing massive damage to our wildlife (as a zookeeper I see it regularly) and should definitely be indoors,” she wrote.

“Dogs and cats are family, so there’s no point in even having them if they can’t be with their humans.”

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