North Korea fires two ballistic missiles days after cruise missile test

North Korea fires two ballistic missiles at Japan just three days after testing a ‘nuclear’ cruise missile and restarting nuclear reactor in defiance of Biden

North Korea has tested two ballistic missiles just days after firing a new type of cruise missile with possible nuclear capabilities.

The South Korean military said the two missiles were fired from an undisclosed inland location before landing somewhere near the east coast.

The move is likely intended as a provocation to Joe Biden and other world leaders, as ballistic missiles violate UN resolutions on the North’s weapons program and are likely to provoke a diplomatic response.

It also comes two weeks after Kim Jong Un restarted a nuclear reactor in Yongbyon, which had been shut down during negotiations with Donald Trump.

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga called Wednesday’s launch “outrageous” and said it threatened peace and security in the region.

“North Korea fired two unidentified ballistic missiles from the central interior toward the east coast, and South Korea and United States intelligence agencies are conducting detailed analysis for more information,” South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said. Korea.