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North Korea ‘expels’ US soldier Travis King weeks after he sprinted across the border into the rogue state during a tour of the region

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North Korea “expels” US soldier Travis King weeks after he ran across the border into the rogue state during a tour of the region.

  • US soldier Travis King will be expelled from North Korea after bizarrely crossing the South Korean border in July.
  • In a statement, North Korean officials said their “interrogation” of the king had been completed.

American soldier Travis King will be “expelled” from North Korea after two months of detention, state media announced on Wednesday.

North Korea’s KCNA news agency reported that King was expelled from the country due to his “illegal entry” in July, when he broke free from a group of tourists visiting the demilitarized zone and rushed to the communist country.

The country’s officials said they had completed their “interrogation” of King and said he had sought refuge in North Korea because he harbored “resentment against inhumane mistreatment and racial discrimination” in the country. American army. There has been no statement from the United States on King’s imminent release.

It is unclear where Private King, 23, will be sent, or when exactly he will be released. This rogue state sadly maintains almost non-existent diplomatic relations with its neighbors, with the notable exceptions of Russia and China.

King had to return to Texas to respond to assault charges stemming from an incident that occurred while he was stationed in South Korea.

Relatives described Pvt. Travis King, 23, as a quiet loner who didn’t drink or smoke and loved reading the Bible

U.S. Army Private 2nd Class Travis King, surrounded, is pictured during the tour moments before he crossed the border into North Korea. His hat was bought in a gift shop in the DMZ

Relatives described King as a quiet loner who did not drink or smoke and loved reading the Bible. After growing up in southeastern Wisconsin, he was excited to serve his country in South Korea.

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King’s family isn’t sure what was going through his mind as he traveled to a country with a long history of detaining Americans and using them as bargaining chips.

King was supposed to be returned to the United States the same week he crossed the Demilitarized Zone to face military discipline after serving nearly two months in a South Korean prison for assault.

He was seen wearing a black t-shirt and hat purchased from a gift shop in the demilitarized zone as he looks across the border into the secretive communist country in a photo posted shortly after his act weird.

Witnesses said he laughed hysterically while making the mad dash in July after fleeing his military superiors and joining the tour.

The image surfaced as it emerged that King had a series of run-ins with police in South Korea over offenses including beating a man in a nightclub and damaging a police car.

Fears grew for King’s well-being as North Korea provided updates on his condition.

North Korea has still not presented the 23-year-old private 2nd class or acknowledged his arrest.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that King “defected” and that his mother spoke openly that she could not imagine her son doing “something like that.”

Court documents reveal that months earlier, King faced two assault allegations and was fined by a South Korean court for damaging a police car.

He had served two months in prison for assault before being released in July and was escorted to an airport by U.S. Army officials to return home for military disciplinary proceedings.

But after leaving him at airport security, King left the terminal and continued the tour.

The U.S. military was working to determine the fate of King, whose actions plunged Washington into a new crisis in its relations with the nuclear-armed state. U.S. officials said King crossed the border “voluntarily and without authorization.”

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