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Nope’s final trailer reveals true horror Jordan Peele’s been hiding

After months of carefully dancing around the truth of what’s going on in Jordan Peele’s new horror noUniversal’s final trailer for the movie finally reveals why everyone in the movie is terrified of the sky, and it has terribly little to do with the weather.

The sudden death of Otis Jr. (Daniel Kaluuya) and Emerald Haywood’s (Keke Palmer) father Otis Sr. (Keith Haywood) is what initially staggers the brother and sister, and left with the task of figuring out what to do with the family. ranch full of rodeo horses in the new trailer. While both siblings are ready to step up to the plate in their father’s absence, Otis Jr. (which goes by “OJ”) not shake off the feeling that their father was murdered – not by a person per se, but by something or someone lurking in the eerie clouds that always seem to rise over their land .

noThe standout posters already hinted at what kind of terror the film’s protagonists would face, but the new trailer makes it clear that the Haywoods and other locals like rodeo cowboy Ricky Park (Steven Yeun) and Tech Team employee Angel (Brandon Perea) in the midst of some sort of encounter with aliens who…play pranks on humans. The UFO zooming across the night sky is definitely killing people and possibly kidnapping livestock. But the trailer suggests that the aliens are also prone to pettiness when OJ and Emerald go out to catch them on camera and turn their ranch into a destination for those looking for real, living aliens.

What stands out about the trailer is how light no‘s tone seems to be, and how sharply it contrasts with the ominous sense of doom with which Universal has promoted the film thus far. The aliens may eventually come to peace, but given Peele’s work, it’s much more likely that noThere are a few more twists and turns that hidden theatergoers will have to experience for themselves when the film premieres on July 22.

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