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No more small cell phones: The Xiaomi boss explains why we all only carry around half a tablet – WhatsNew2Day


The Xiaomi 12 is quite compact and slim for today’s time. The successor is now bigger and wider again. (Image: Xiaomi)

Anyone remember the word “phablet”? These were cell phones that were larger than 5 inches and were therefore labeled as tablet cell phone hybrids. Nowadays the word is hardly or not used at all as most of the smartphones on the market are half-tablets anyway.

Display sizes that scratch the 7-inch mark are no longer a rarity, and mobile phones with a screen diagonal of less than 6 inches are now a rarity. What’s the reason? A Weibo user also asked this question and got it from Xiaomi boss Lei Jun himself an answer receive.

Small cell phones come with compromises

Xiaomi 12 fans were surprised when the Xiaomi 13 was released: the new phone has become bigger and wider again. On Weibo, one of the largest Chinese social media networks, a user asked whether Xiaomi will produce more compact smartphones in the future.

The user received a personal response from CEO Lei Jun. According to him, the Demand for small smartphones too lowwhich is also reflected in the sales figures for these.

In addition, the development of small cell phones Compromising on camera and battery life tied together.

Nowadays, the selection of small smartphones is getting smaller and smaller. Even Apple has replaced the mini series of iPhones in the current generation with the new Plus variant – a larger variant of the basic iPhone.

If you are currently looking for a compact smartphone, you should take a look at the Samsung Galaxy S23. Here is the test by Dennis Ziesecke:

What about with you? Are you interested in smaller smartphones or are you all with the Xiaomi boss? What size cell phone do you currently own and should your next one be a different size? And what about the other way around: Do you want a cell phone with a screen diagonal of 7 inches or even larger? Write us in the comments why you prefer a larger smartphone or why you prefer a smaller one!

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