No Excuses: Why Everybody Needs to Play Sudoku

Sudoku is fun. It’s one of the most popular puzzles of all time. There are simple rules and a flexible gradation of complexity. The gameplay gives you a great sense of accomplishment. And there’s something so satisfying about placing the missing numbers in a Sudoku puzzle.

Perhaps this is why everyone loves Sudoku so much. And you must too play the game without any excuses.

What Is Sudoku?

It’s an internationally loved puzzle that has its roots in the 18th century. However, Sudoku gained massive popularity in the late 1970s when Howard Garns first got it published in the Dell magazine. Sudoku is an American invention, and it’s just the term that’s of Japanese origins.

As a game, Sudoku is a single-player number-placement game based on logic to solve a grid. You basically aim to fill in numbers from 1 through 9 on an 81 cell grid so that these digits appear only once in all the rows, columns, and 3×3 sub-boxes. No repetitions!

Some people assume that Sudoku is a tricky, mathematical puzzle. On the contrary, it’s a puzzle that simply puts your reasoning abilities to the test. It’s easy to learn and master once you get a hold of the basics and keep practicing.

In the beginning, it can take you anywhere between a few hours and days to complete just one puzzle. But as you equip yourself with the Sudoku solving techniques, you’d be able to play the game in just a few minutes.

Why Must Everyone Play Sudoku?

Sudoku is one activity that keeps you sane. Besides being fun and challenging, Sudoku is a wholesome hobby where there are challenges, but those are very achievable. What else?

  • It’s engaging in nature
  • An affordable hobby
  • Easily and widely available
  • A great escape plan
  • Instills a sense of order
  • Has no time constraints
  • Requires no math or memory skills
  • Keeps away the negative thoughts
  • Helps increase concentration levels
  • Encourages healthy competition
  • Keeps the mind young and fresh
  • Offers instant gratification
  • Takes you back in time

Moreover, there’s no cultural dependency, i.e., Sudoku works autonomously with any cultural limitations or language. The numerical functionality is what makes it peoples’ favorite. As you escalate at every level, you also learn to overcome difficulties and dare to hold on to your convictions.

Sudoku has never been a fad that withered with time. It took off as a staple newspaper and magazine puzzle and eventually transitioned onto the electronic devices and is now available on smartphones. The Sudoku market is pretty mature, but the game isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. There are tons of versions available today, and each one holds the same charm as it had four decades back.

So the next time you feel anxious, don’t know what to do, or want to spend time wisely – reach for a Sudoku puzzle, you won’t be disappointed.