No-deal Brexit is the only way to take control of the UK …

No deal Brexit is the only way to control British borders, says ex-Tory leader

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Leaving the European Union without agreement is the only way in which Britain can fully take control of its borders, a former leader of Tory has claimed.

Brexiteer Iain Duncan Smith said that the UK would be able to enjoy the benefits of the Brexit under a no-deal exit from March 29, rather than being left behind in "Brexit in Name Only purgatory" under the prime minister's deal.

He described the withdrawal agreement of Theresa May – which will be approved by the deputies on Monday – as "flawed" and instead offered the benefits of leaving the World Trade Organization conditions.

Mr Duncan Smith said: "Only when the EU leaves the WTO can the UK fully take back control of its borders and address these issues and by taking back control of our migration policies, we also report to the industry that we have to invest and train than they have already done for some time.

"The biggest advantage of leaving No Deal is that from March 29, 2019, our country can benefit from the benefits of Brexit, rather than being left in the BRINO (Brexit In Name Only) purgatory of Ms. May's deal. British people have been waiting for almost three years – they no longer have to wait. "

His intervention came in a report published by Economists for the Free Trade, in which colleague Tory Euroscepticus Jacob Rees-Mogg also said that there was "nothing to fear" to leave the EU without a deal.

Iain Duncan Smith has called for a no-deal Brexit (Jonathan Brady / PA)

Iain Duncan Smith has called for a no-deal Brexit (Jonathan Brady / PA)

Mr Rees-Mogg, the chairman of the European Research Group of Conservative MPs, claimed that it would be better to leave with a deal, but that the benefits of Brexit would come about sooner without an agreement.

He said: "In addition to goods that continue to flow, the British taxpayer would save £ 39 billion under a No-Deal departure, money that could be used to reduce taxes, help our domestic economy and leave much to help exporters who face with particularly high rates.

"The benefits of the Brexit would come through sooner, with trade barriers in 2019 instead of 2021, which could significantly reduce food, clothing and footwear costs if the government pursued a sensible policy, particularly helping the least-privileged. society. "

Tory former cabinet minister Owen Paterson, in the same report, suggested the "real reason" for the "Establishment hysteria" around a no-deal exit "is that we would actually leave".

"The other options now being challenged – extension of Article 50, a second referendum or the submission demanded by the withdrawal agreement – are designed to keep the UK in the EU's job, in the hope that it can be sucked back, " he said.

"These options would completely ignore the greatest democratic verdict ever in British history," he said.

"The optimal Brexit outcome remains a broad zero-rate free trade deal as President Tusk has repeatedly offered, and a deal can still be negotiated, but not by the end of March.

"Having wasted so much time on the payout agreement, leaving WTO terms is the only way to break completely and build a more prosperous, independent future."

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