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NIO Announces Findings of Sexual Assault Investigation


On March 20, Chinese leading electrical car maker NIO launched a report on its internal examination relating to the termination of a previous intern who declared to have actually been sexually attacked and subjected to unjust treatment while utilized at the business.

According to the report, the intern might not be kept due to an absence of jobs amongst the group. NIO verified that the intern’s work efficiency throughout the internship was acknowledged by her associates and managers.

On March 3, the previous intern declared on a Chinese social networks platform that she underwent a tried rape by her NIO associate surnamed Xu. Xu was sentenced to 10 months in jail, the intern was considered a “danger aspect” and thought about to have the prospective to damage the business’s track record by NIO‘s personnels personnel, leading to her termination. This event ended up being a trending subject on significant social networks platforms, triggering concerns and issues about NIO‘s business culture and worths.

On the very same day, NIO released a declaration stating that it is presently examining its internship retention procedure, especially relating to whether the previous female intern had actually undergone unreasonable treatment at the same time.

On March 5, the previous intern revealed her frustration with NIO‘s reaction and published extra information about the occurrence, consisting of a timeline, refutations to the business’s claims, and proof consisting of chat screenshots, pictures of her internship certificate, and criminal judgment images.

On March 13, the previous intern specified that NIO had actually not provided an apology or assured any restorative procedures. She supposedly just wanted more business to focus on work environment unwanted sexual advances and produce a much safer and more fair workplace.

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Regardless of NIO‘s current declaration that it had actually developed an anti-sexual harassment group and partnered with a law office to attend to staff member problems, netizens mocked the reaction. Some argued that the business’s public relations group was inefficient, and others thought that the previous intern was unjustly identified a high-risk worker after reporting the occurrence. In addition, some questioned why NIO worked with the intern for numerous months if there were no jobs and triggered her to miss out on an important task search chance as a fresh graduate.

According to a legal representative spoken with by media outlet The Paperthe existing legal focus of the concern is whether the factors for the intern’s termination are understandable and legal. If there is proof that business workers identified the intern as a “danger aspect” and declared that she “damaged the business’s image,” it might be thought about the main factor for her termination. Even with proof, it might be hard to lawfully hold the business responsible.

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