Nintendo’s E3 Event Will Be ‘Exclusively Focused’ On Switch Games


Nintendo will hold an E3 event on June 15, and the company promises it will be “focused exclusively on Nintendo Switch games primarily released in 2021.” The Nintendo Direct presentation kicks off on June 15 at 9am PT / 12pm ET and Nintendo will be doing three hours of gameplay deep dives once the event ends.

Nintendo’s wording suggests we won’t see any hardware announcements at the company’s E3 show. A “Switch Pro” has been rumored for months, and recent reports suggest it may be announced before E3.

Nintendo’s E3 event kicks off June 15th at 9am PT / 12pm ET.

Bloomberg has previously reported that this new Switch model will use Nvidia’s more powerful silicon that supports DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling). The updated Switch is also said to support 4K output when connected to a TV and will reportedly include a seven-inch OLED display.

If a new Switch is imminent, Nintendo’s E3 show would be the perfect opportunity to showcase how games run at 4K and demonstrate the power of Nvidia’s latest chip and DLSS support. Since E3 kicks off in virtual form on June 12, there are only 10 days left to see if Nintendo is ready to announce an updated Switch ahead of E3.